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Pitt Rivers Museum
The Church of St. Mary the Virgin
Social Life
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The University of Oxford



Created by Yakov Kravtsov


• The University of Oxford is the most famous and prestigious in Britain.
• Oxford University has no precise date of foundation, but evolved during the 11th
• Oxford is an independent and self-governing institution, consisting of the central
University and the Colleges.

4. Education

• The length of the degree course is 3 years
• The degrees are awarded at public degree ceremonies
• Full academic dress is worn at examinations


6. Bodleian library

The Bodleian Library, the University’s main research library, is more than 400
years old and is acknowledged to be one of the greatest libraries in the world.

7. Pitt Rivers Museum

Pitt Rivers holds one of
the world’s finest
collections of
anthropology and
archaeology, with
objects from every
continent and from
throughout human

8. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin

The University Church of St.
Mary the Virgin - first mentioned
in the Domesday Book, one of
the best views of Oxford is from
the magnificent tower, which was
built in the 13th century, the
nave dates from the 15th and
16th centuries.

9. Sports

There are a lot of kinds of
sport at university, such as
academic boating, basketball,
cricket, golf, horse-rising and

10. Social Life

Students go to pubs,
communicate at parties,
so they have a lot of fun.
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