Our world



Our usual satellite rotates around our planet - this is the
Moon. It is very important for life on the planet, adjusting the
ebb and flow. The sun warms the Earth to favorable
temperatures. Otherwise, the Earth will cool, and all living
things will perish from the cold. Planet Earth is our home, it is
beautiful. The decoration of the Earth are forests, meadows,
mountains, rivers, oceans, seas, deserts. Everywhere there are
conditions for life.


We live on the Earth. There are many planets in the solar
system, but according to research done by scientists, it is
believed that all the necessary conditions for life have been
created only on Earth. Our planet is not the largest, its main
territory is occupied by seas, oceans, rivers and lakes. Only a
third of the planet is considered land territory.


We are surrounded by a wide variety of flora and fauna,
depending on the climate. We can admire: fir, spruce,
cedar, as well as palm trees, magnolias, oaks, birches,
poplars. Everywhere there are various herbs and
flowering plants: roses, lilies, carnations,
chrysanthemums, chamomiles, cornflowers, bluebells.


A variety of animals, insects and birds such as tigers, lions,
bears, wolves, hares, bees, bumblebees, flies, snakes, turtles,
swans, geese, ducks, nightingales, ravens, sparrows and tits
live in the forests and deserts. In the reservoirs, too, life is in
full swing. They are first inhabited by fish, crabs, crabs,
swimmers, frogs. Nature is so diverse with its sights that it is
not possible to count everything.


In order to save the planet, everyone needs to try this. It is
necessary to be interested in nature, to study its features, to
plant everything around, not to throw garbage anywhere,
that is, to love and protect the environment, and our only
home is planet Earth.


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