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MUSE band
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Muse is a British rock band formed in 1994 in the town of Teignmouth (England).
The group consists of three members: Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar,
keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals, vocals) and
Dominic Howard (drums).


Total Muse have released six studio albums and four live albums, sales of which have
exceeded 15 million, and have won awards MTV Europe Music Awards, Q Awards, NME
Awards, Brit Awards, Kerrang! Awards, Grammy and other awards. Group wrote the
anthem 2012 Olympics, held in London, the song was called «Survival».


Matthew James Bellamy
Matthew James Bellamy, lead singer, guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter, frontman
of the band Muse. He is also the leader of the group. A significant influence on his
work had a creative Russian composer Rachmaninov


Domenic James Howard is a drummer
of British rock band Muse.


Christopher Tony Wolstenholme is a bassist, backing
vocalist and one of the composers of the group Muse. In
addition, he sometimes plays the guitar instead of bass.


Group received massive popularity due to the fact that their song "Supermassive
Black Hole" was the soundtrack in the film "Twilight". Their song is used for
musical design of video games and movies. The best-known works are
«Survival», «Madness», «Time Is Running Out», «Hysteria», «Sing for
Absolution», «Butterflies and Hurricanes»
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