Pskov Technical Lyceum
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Pskov Technical Lyceum

1. Pskov Technical Lyceum


• 1 PTL - Pskov Technical Lyceum. The main task
of which is to give students physical and
mathematical inclinations for entering
universities by profile. Also develop student
thinking. This is all done in a very interesting
format .


• The lyceum is a regional experimental site on the
topic "Intellectual unity of the subjects of the
educational process as a condition for the
development of their personal potentials." The
institution was also a pilot school of the RussianBritish project “Management of the quality of
education based on the relationship of internal
and external assessments of the results and
conditions of the educational activity of the
school”, implemented by the Public Institute for
the Development of the School with the support
of the British Council


• As is clear from the name of the lyceum, bias
is made on technical subjects (mathematics,
physics, computer science). The Lyceum has a
six-day work week. PTL provides a basic level
of training in all subjects and an advanced
level in subjects that are core. Since 2014,
there are separate university classes with an
in-depth study of information technology.


PTL education levels:
- basic general education (2 years) (209 people)
- secondary general education (2 years) (218 people)
PTL work programs:
Astronomy, biology, geography, foreign language,
history, literature, mathematics, art, life safety,
social studies, computer science, Russian,
technology, physics, physical education,
chemistry, economics, music,


Символика лицея:
Lyceum flag appeared in 2000. Stars on a blue
background symbolize the number of lyceum issues.
The flag of the Pskov Technical Lyceum is its pride. At
the end of the lyceum, each issue leaves a memory
of itself, attaching a new star to the flag. Now there
are 29 such stars


There is also a pennant and a coat of arms


Features of the Lyceum:
The first and most important feature of the
lyceum is the truly humane attitude of
teachers to students.
Second - A large number of Olympiads.
(Mainly in specialized subjects)
Third- Young teachers who constantly
improve their skills, and do not sit still.


Fourth - Couples to the place of
Fifth- The appearance of the building,
looks individually compared to other
schools. Also layout; the dining room in
the basement is brilliant.
Sixth, very large funding


In the Lyceum there are departments:
Mathematics and computer science. (9 people)
Natural Sciences (11 people)
Foreign languages ​(5 people)
Humanities (9 people)
Educational work (4 people)
Physical education (6 people)
Information incomplete due to new teachers.


This is a permanent victory at the Olympics. Also
high scores are not OGE and USE.
Most students go wherever they want


There are several ways to enter PTL The
earliest way is through the Olympics. The
second way is an entrance exam. There
are 2 attempts on the second method.


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