There are mountains in the north and in the west of England, but all the rest of the territory is a vast plain
Flag and Emblem
Flag and Emblem
Books and films
Sherlock Homes
The famous films
They say 3 films are the best.
Sherlock Holms (English Version)
Sherlock (TV series)
American Version of Sherlock
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Our old good England


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2. England

It is a small country. It is the biggest part of the UK.
Its capital is London.


England is in the southern and central part of Great
Britain. England is the richest and most populated part
in the UK. In the northwestern part of England there are
many beautiful lakes. This part of the country is called
Lake District.

4. There are mountains in the north and in the west of England, but all the rest of the territory is a vast plain


5. Flag and Emblem

The flag of England is a white rectangle with a red
cross separating it into four equal parts.
The meanings of the colors on the flag of England are:
white for peace, and red for bravery and hardiness.
The English rose is a traditional emblem of England
and it takes its name and origins from the Tudor
dynasty. It is often called the Tudor rose and was
adopted as a national emblem of England around the
time of the Wars of the Roses.

6. Flag and Emblem

The English Coat of Arms (Three Lions)
The arms of England are gules, three lions passant guardant or.
England - Three LionsThe earliest surviving record of their use
was by Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) in the late twelfth
Since union with Scotland and Northern Ireland, the arms of
England are no longer used on their own.
Instead they form a part of the conjoined Royal coat of arms of
the United Kingdom.

7. London

It is one of the most popular and famous city of
the country. London is the capital of Great Britain. It is
an ancient city, it grew up around the first point where
Roman invaders found the Thames narrow enough to
build a bridge. Nowadays it is the cradle of British
traditions and culture.
Over 8 million people live in London. It is one of
the most famous capital cities of the world, and every
year it attracts crowds of visitors from home and
abroad. They come to explore its historic buildings, to
see its museums and galleries, its streets and parks,
and its people.


London consists of three parts: the rich West End, the poor
East End and the City – its financial centre. The biggest
department stores, offices and banks can be found there. The
City and the West End are the heart of the capital. London is
full of parks and green spaces. Hyde Park is the largest park in
London, which is famous for its Speaker’s Corner. I`d like to
tell you about films and books in this wonderful city.

9. Books and films

There are many books and films, that were made
in London or about this magnificent city.
Harry Porter was there, Sherlock Homes «lives»
in that wonderful city.

10. Sherlock Homes

I think that books and films about Sherlock Holmes are
the best and the most interesting.
Arthur Conan Doyle created one of the world's most
famous characters, Sherlock Holmes.
The character of Sherlock Holmes first appeared in a
story, "A Study in Scarlet."

11. The famous films

The character of Sherlock Holmes, of
course, lives on, and appears in films right down to the present
Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular fictional
characters in history: movies, TV series and animated films shoot
about this hero almost every year around the world.

12. They say 3 films are the best.

Between 1979 and 1986, Russia's Lenfilm Studios
produced a series of television films based on the
adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Directed by Igor
Maslennikov, it was the most popular series in the
history of Soviet television, and starred Vasily Livanov.
Many consider Livanov's Holmes to be one of the finest
interpretations of Conan Doyle's eccentric hero.

13. Sherlock Holms (English Version)

Sherlock is a crime drama television series based on Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle's Sherlock
It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin
Freeman as Doctor John Watson.
The film is a good fun. It leaves a deep impression.
It is a real hit with a public. It is new and modern.

14. Sherlock (TV series)

Sherlock (TV series)
The series is primarily filmed in Cardiff with
North Gower Street in London used for
exterior shots of Holmes and Watson's 221B
Baker Street residence. Thirteen episodes
have been produced from 2010 to 2017.

15. American Version of Sherlock

Sherlock is a
period action
mystery film
directed by Guy Ritchie.
It was commercially
Sherlock is young and very
active. It was based on the
stories about Sherlock. Its
actors are Robert Downey
and Jude Law.

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