The world of theatre


Consists of many things!
First, it’s a building
Where we can all see
The cast of actors, actresses.
Then it’s a variety of plays,
In different genres,
Which all enrich us
With amazing feelings!
And, finally, it is the way
That everybody lives -





1. The Globe Theatre is situated on
the bank of the river Cam.
2. Its history began in 1599 in London.
3. It wasn’t an open-air theatre.
4. It was surrounded by a brick wall.
5. In front of the entrance there was a statue.
6. It was burnt down at night.
7. In 1999 it was rebuilt.
8. Nowadays the Globe Theatre presents
performances in all seasons.





1. What theatres have you visited?
2. What are your favourite genres of theatre? Why?
3. What kinds of plays have you already watched?
4. What performance have you enjoyed most of all?
5. Where did you watch it?
6. Who were you with?
7. What famous actors and actresses acted there?
8. What was it about?
9. Did you enjoy it? Why?
10. What is theatre for you?
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