My profession
Advantages of the profession
Negative features of the profession
Qualities required by a dental specialist
Why did I choose this profession?
Thanks for your attention.
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My profession

1. My profession


2. Dentist

Dentist-a specialist doctor whose
competence mainly includes the
diagnosis, treatment and
prevention of diseases and any
damage to the teeth, gums and
other oral organs

3. Advantages of the profession

Guaranteed employment;
High income level;
Ability to choose a place of work and
Real results of the invested labor.

4. Negative features of the profession

A large list of requirements for a
The need for continuous professional
Working with different groups of people;
Significant physical activity.

5. Qualities required by a dental specialist

Anyone who has dealt with representatives of this profession, notes
that dentists are balanced and pedantic people who scrupulously
and painstakingly perform their work.
Dental treatment can be compared to the work of a jeweler — so
precise and nuanced should be the actions of a doctor. Let's list the
main qualities that a dentist needs in his work:
Ability to focus;
Good memory;
Developed fine motor skills of hands;
Emotional restraint;

6. Why did I choose this profession?

The profession of a dentist is not only
interesting, but also very important. Be
useful and bring a lot of joy to other
people's lives. It's a great job for me.

7. Thanks for your attention.

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