Railway professions
Locomotive driver
Relocation officer
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Railway professions

1. Railway professions


The railway is the most important logistics facility. Which employs a
huge number of people. There are different positions and
professions that ensure the functioning of the railway

3. Locomotive driver

А railway transport specialist who manages a locomotive. The
driver must have such qualities as great responsibility, maintaining
composure in any difficult and non-standard situation, the ability
to make the only correct and balanced decisions in a particular
situation. That is why the requirements for the intellectual
capabilities of candidates are very high. When driving a
locomotive, the driver must comply with the signals of traffic lights
at the station and all the official orders of the station attendant,
and on the stretch of the train dispatcher, the driver must strictly
follow all orders and orders of the movers. The driver and his
assistant, being or approaching the station, immediately become
operational subordinate to the station duty officer and have no
right to carry out movement operations without the station duty
officer's permission.


5. Relocation officer

Is a worker who ensures the safe movement of trains
and vehicles. The crossing officer is obliged to
ensure the safe movement of trains and transport,
to monitor the good condition of barriers and traffic
lights. In cases of a threat to the safety of train
traffic, give signals to stop the train. The crossing
officer obeys the track foreman


7. Fireman

Worker supplying solid fuel to the furnace of a furnace, boiler.
The stoker's duties include cleaning the firebox and the
blower. Often, the fireman is also responsible for controlling
the operating modes of the heating apparatus. The profession
of a fireman was widespread in the navy and railways until
the middle of the 20th century.


9. Conductor

Railway employee accompanying a passenger carriage
along the route and serving passengers. The
functional duties of the conductor are to maintain the
train, its life support systems, in operational
condition, comply with transport safety measures,
and service passengers along the route.



There are many other professions required on the railroad. Some are in
demand in our time, and some have remained in history.
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