My favorite singer Michael Jackson


My favorite singer
Michael Jackson


His biography
Michael Joseph Jackson was a
famous American singer, dancer,
song writer, choreographer, . He won
15 Grammy Awards and hundreds of
other prizes during his life. Michael
Jackson was born on the 29th of
August, 1958, in the state of Indiana.
He was the eighth of ten children of
Joseph and Katherine Jackson


His parents, Joseph and Katherine
Jackson lived in Gary (Indiana), where
were born all of their nine children.
From early childhood, Michael
Jackson showed outstanding musical
abilities. . Michael Jackson has often
admitted that his father mercilessly
beat him and brothers even at the
rehearsals. All his life he tried to
make up for lost childhood.


In 1970 Jackson showed the
world miracle — his moonwalk,
which became a musician’s
shtick for all his life. In 1982,
came the album “Thriller” and
made a bombshell. The bestselling album in the world makes
from Michael Jackson the
superstar, whose image
beginning to copy all over the


Michael Jackson died on June 25,
Michael Jackson's death 2009. His death is a result of an
overdose of drugs. In 2009,
Michael Jackson was officially
recognized as a legend and an icon
of American Music. He made
significant contributions to the
development of popular music,
video, dance and fashion.


He is the best
He holds 15
Grammy awards
and hundreds of ot
her prizes. 13 times
he was listed in the
Guinness Book of
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