Fauna of the Nizhny Novgorod region

Fauna of the Nizhny Novgorod region

1. Fauna of the Nizhny Novgorod region

Performed by: Daria kiselnikova
student 7B


The animal world of the
Nizhny Novgorod region
is wide and diverse. A
considerable number of
representatives of
different species live


The common
squirrel has a long
body, bushy tail
and long ears. The
squirrel's ears are
large and
sometimes with
tassels at the end.
Paws are strong,
with strong and
sharp claws.
Thanks to their
strong legs,
rodents can climb
trees so easily.


The body is short and dense. The tail is
chopped off the end. These cats have
fluffy tassels on their ears. Lynx have
elongated hair on the beard, which gives
the impression of "sideburns". The face is
round, small. The eyes are huge with
vertical pupils. The lynx's fur is thick,
beautiful, and silky. The belly is white,
occasionally with white spots. Paws are
very large and fluffy, which makes it
possible to walk on snow and snowdrifts
in winter. The color of the lynx depends
on the geographical area of its habitat:
from red to grayish-brown. The life span
of a lynx is about 15-20 years.
The lynx is a predatory animal from the
cat family. This is a typical big cat, which
is larger than many dogs. The lynx lives
in Russia, in our region. There are
several types of lynx: common lynx,
canadian lynx, Pyrenean lynx, red lynx.
The length of the lynx's body is about 80130 cm.


Brown bear
The bear is the largest
predator on earth. This
animal belongs to the
class of mammals. The
length of the predator's
body can range from 1.2 to
3 meters, and the weight
of the bear varies from 40
kg to a ton. The body of
these animals is large,
stocky, with a thick, short
neck and a large head.
Powerful jaws allow you to
easily chew both vegetable
and meat food.


A wolf is a predatory mammal that belongs to the order carnivores, the canine family
(canine, wolf). Most wolves are medium-to large-sized predators, the largest being the
grey and polar wolves: their height at the withers can reach 85 cm, and the length of
the body excluding the tail is 150-160 cm.In any wolf species, the females are smaller
than the males. The wolf's head is massive, with high-set pointed ears, and the muzzle
is elongated and wide. Color from gray to red. Wolves live in our forests.


Hedgehog-an animal that belongs to
the chordate type, a class of
mammals. The length of the
hedgehog's body, depending on the
species, is from 10 to 44 cm. The
weight of a hedgehog varies from 300
grams to 1.5 kilograms. The hedgehog
also has a tail that grows from 1 to 21
cm in length. The animals have a
large wedge-shaped head and an
elongated muzzle with a pointed,
mobile and moist nose. The
hedgehog's teeth are small and sharp,
with 20 teeth in the upper jaw and 16
in the lower. Some hedgehog species
have up to 44 teeth.The first incisors
are enlarged and look like the fangs
Spines of the hedgehog are hollow
between them growing thin, sparse,
barely visible hairs.


Tarantula spider
Some wince at a single photo of this creature, while others start it at home as a
pet. The species is one of the most famous venomous spiders. They are often
confused with bird-eaters, which is wrong, because the tarantula spider is much
smaller. Despite popular belief, the venom of creatures is not deadly to humans.


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