Artificial languages
Usage of artificial languages
Real benefits of Esperanto
The land of artificial language
Constructed language native-speaker
Interslavic language
Citation list
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Artificial languages. Uses and benefits

1. Artificial languages

Uses and benefits

2. Usage of artificial languages

3. Resolving

4. Real benefits of Esperanto

Language acquisition research
To understand your own language
To socialize where English is poorly known
The value of meeting an Esperanto speaker. Being outstanding.
4 movies in Esperanto
One Anecdote:
An interview for position of secretary.
“Do you a command of English and Spanish?”
“And Esperanto?”
“Even better, I lived in this country for 6 years.”

5. The land of artificial language

CONLANG mailing list
AUXLANG mailing list
Zonal constructed languages like Vseslavanski jasyk
Lingua Franca at the seashores as naturally

6. Constructed language native-speaker

New baby was taught Clingon from Star trek by his
His mother spoke in English to the toddler
3 year before resisting of the child
Father stopped because it could be harmful

7. Interslavic language

Modern continuation of Old Slavonic
1659-1666 date of first appearance
Lexis and some of grammar are similar for Slavs
Esperanto and similar others are not so suitable for

8. Vocabulary

Artificial, Invented language, Constructed language (conlang), international
auxiliary language (auxlang) - искусственный
Aptitude – годность, способность, сообразительность
Reasoning – логические рассуждения
Infant -0-12 month old child
Toddler – 1-3 year old child
Derivatives – производные (от языка)
Zonal naturally constructed languages – зональный, поясной, региональный
To predate – датировать ранним числом
Developmental psycholinguistics
Language acquisition – освоение языка
Socialize – общаться
Lexis – лексикон
Slavs –славяне
Esperantist – эсперантист (говорящий на языке)

9. Citation list

Non-scientific, but still full of lexics
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