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The Sea


The Sea
Travelling is a good way to get to know other countries, their
history, culture and people.
We spent a very good time there. The sea with its warm and
transparent water was a wonderful place for swimming. The
underwater world is very rich. The Red and Mediterranean seas
are famous for their exotic fish and beautiful corals. It`s a real
pleasure to lie under the sun and enjoy the sea breeze.


What we do thera
• We visited a lot of interesting places, such as museums and mosques, made
of huge white stones. The main museum of Egypt the Pyramids is situated in
the open air in Cairo - the capital of Egypt. The cities in Egypt differ from
European cities: white stones and picturesque plants make them very
special. People from all over the world come to Egypt. English is one of the
main international languages which helps people understand each other.
And I should say that I had a very good chance to practise and improve my
English there.


• Eastern women wear black clothes, though the weather is hot there.
It`s their tradition. We could see mainly men in the streets, and we
met only few children and women there. All people are believers in
Egypt, and they pray many times a day, so I was sure that Egypt was a
country of peace and quietness.
• Nothing of the kind.


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