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My future profession is a biologist


Done: Maria Dobina


In the life of every person,
there comes a time when
he will have to determine
exactly what his
profession is. This is a
rather difficult choice, but
it has to be made. And I
am very glad that I have
already chosen the
profession of a chemistbiologist as my
profession. It was difficult
to choose from many
professions, but I asked
my parents and friends
for their opinions. A
variety of career guidance
tests also helped a lot,
because they evaluated
me and my abilities for a
particular activity.


Biology has always
been my favorite
subject in school, so
I decided to
connect my life
with it . I'm
interested in the
world around me. I
enjoy watching the
changing weather
conditions and the
life activity of


This profession requires the practical application of my
knowledge and skills, and I am ready to take responsibility for my
actions and actions related to the work, both in case of success and
in case of failure. Most biological chemists work in laboratories. In
order to avoid accidents, you need to observe safety precautions,
and for this, of course, you need to know it.


Chemistry has many branches: analytical
chemistry. physical chemistry. colloidal
chemistry, organic and inorganic . And biology
is divided into such sciences as histology,
cytology, anatomy, botany, zoology.


I often watch various
programs about the
world around me on
TV. I would very much
like to go on some
research expedition.
And I hope that in the
future I will be able to
get acquainted with
Nikolai Drozdov and
learn new knowledge.


I'm more of a biologist than a chemist.
therefore, I would like to spend more time
studying the biological sciences. Chemistry is a
precise and complex science, but I know that I
will overcome all obstacles and become a true
professional in my work.
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