Project “Friends for life”
Untouchables (1+1)
About their adventures.
After meeting
Why did I choose this film?
P.S. Nice mustaches, I liked.
Thanks for watching!
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Friends for life. Untouchables (1+1)

1. Project “Friends for life”

Prepared by: Tkachenko Rostislav 10 B class

2. Untouchables (1+1)


The history took place in one french city.
The rich aristocrat Philip looks for the nurse because
he is paralyzed. One of candidates was black Dries.
So they have met. But they didn’t click from the

4. Dries

• Dries is the black guy,
loves marijuana, has
criminal bents. He is
rough, tactless, but
actually he is kind. But his
naturalness and a
spontaneity attract Philip.

5. Philip

• Philip is disabled person.
Suffering from the
conclusion in own body,
pity of people around and
internal loneliness, Philip
wants something new.

6. About their adventures.

• Together they
have passed
through many


• But the most important of them is connected
with Eleonor.
Once Dries learns about Eleonora, Filip's girl
on correspondence. Through long time Dries
decides to organize their meeting.

8. After meeting

• Philip moved to Morocco, again married and
got two daughters. Dries opened own
business, too married. To this day they with
Philip remain close friends.

9. Why did I choose this film?

• I think this movie shows a wonderful story of
friendship. Also I have understood that the
true friend will make for you a lot of things.

10. P.S. Nice mustaches, I liked.

11. Thanks for watching!

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