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The most famous buildings in the world


The most
buildings in the


○ Machu Picchu, recognized as one of the New
Machu Picchu
Wonders of the World, is located on the
territory of modern Peru, on top of a mountain
range at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea
level. It is called the “city in the heavens” or
“the city among the clouds”, sometimes called
the “lost city of the Incas”. Some
archaeologists believe that this city was
created as a sacred mountain shelter by the
great Incan ruler Pachacutec around 1440, and
functioned until 1532, when the Spaniards
invaded the territory of the Inca Empire. In
1532, all its inhabitants mysteriously


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Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the six
largest mosques in the world. Named in
honor of Sheikh Zayd ibn Sultan anNahayan - the founder and first president
of the United Arab Emirates. Unlike many
other Muslim temples, everyone is allowed
into it, regardless of faith.



Bayon Temple
Complex, Siem
Reap, Cambodia
Bayon (Bayon) - one of the
most amazing temples, located
on the territory of Angkor Thom
and is its religious center. The
highlight of Bayon are towers
with a multitude of faces carved
from stone, silently gazing from
a height into the vast territory of
Angkor Thom, and during the
heyday of the state - and
throughout the Khmer Empire.
Initially, there were 54 towers,
which symbolized the 54
provinces under the authority of
the king. Today, only about 37
towers are preserved.



Cathedral of the Resurrection of
Christ on the Blood, St.
Petersburg, Russia
The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, better known
as the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, became the
only Russian landmark on the Trip Advisor list. Spas-onthe-Blood attracts tourists from all over the world not only
with the splendor of its domes and interiors, but also with
its unusual history, which gave rise to many legends and
conjectures. Many of them are related to the fact that the
church was erected on the spot where on March 1, 1881,
the revolutionary I. Grynevitsky fatally wounded Alexander
II, whom the people called the Tsar Liberator for the
abolition of serfdom.



Statue of Christ the
Redeemer, Rio de
The statue of Christ the
Redeemer in Rio de
Janeiro is one of the most
famous and popular
monuments in the world.
Every year, millions of
tourists climb to its foot,
offering stunning views of
the city and bay with the
picturesque Sugar Loaf
Mountain, the famous
beaches of Copacabana
and Ipanema, the huge
bowl of Maracan



Memorial and
Reflective Pool
○ The Lincoln Memorial is a majestic temple,
made in the ancient Greek style and
somewhat reminiscent of the Parthenon. He
is supported by 36 columns of white marble
in the number of states that belonged to the
United States at the time of the death of
President Lincoln. In the center of the
temple is a statue of the most respected
American president in the world, sitting in a
chair. Its height is 5.79 meters.



The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is the most famous architectural
landmark of Paris, known as the symbol of France,
erected on the Mars field and named after its
designer Gustaf Eiffel. It is the most recognizable
and tallest building in Paris, its height together with
the new antenna is 324 meters, which is
approximately equal to the house in 81 floors. The
Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and has an amazing
origin history. In 1889, in Paris, in memory of the
centenary of the French Revolution, the World
Exhibition was held; it was thanks to the exhibition
that the city authorities commissioned to invent and
erect a temporary structure serving as an entrance




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