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I would like to tell you about my planned trip to the United Arab Emirates


I would like to tell you about my
planned trip to the United Arab
Yusipova Idel 10 A


Well,I will go on a trip for only 3 days,but my route of attractions will be very diverse
The United Arab Emirates itself is a small country,but I decided to stay in the capital city of
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi has a huge number of hotels for
different budgets
I will take a night flight and my plane will land at
the largest airport in the city to take a taxi to the
hotel I will need 2 thousand rubles or 98 dirhams
local currency
I chose the hotel Al Raha Beach Hotel 5 .The hotel for 3 nights cost me 21 thousand rubles or 1
million dirhams in local currency.For Abu Dhabi this is a fairly low amount to rent a hotel with a
gorgeous view of the Persian Gulf the hotel has its own beach and Breakfast is included in the


To begin with, we will go by metro, where by the way there are different cars for men and
women to the world-famous market of spices and fruits, where the most fragrant spices
and the freshest fruits are sold -entrance is free
When it gets dark I will go to what I think is the most beautiful place in the Emirates-the
Sheikh Zayed mosque-the largest mosque in the world
The entrance to the mosque cost about 4
thousand rubles
The mosque was officially opened in the month of
Ramadan in 2007
This mosque is one of the largest in the world


The next morning I will go to another city of Dubai.This is probably the most famous tourist city
in the country-expensive hotels,exclusive brands and sports cars
First of all I will go to see the singing
this is an unforgettable sight
it is especially beautiful to look at them in
the evening
Burj Khalifa
I also decided in this evening to visit the
highest building in the world
the height of the tower is 828 meters
the ticket price starts from 4 thousand rubles
but this price is not without reason offers a
stunning view of the entire city


On day 3 I will go to the biggest Mall in the world
The Dubai Mall
you need to spend a month to see all the
shops of this Mall
every girl's dream is to see so many stores
in one building,I think
it is also worth noting that right in the Mall
there is a huge aquarium where various
types of fish and sharks swim and this
entertainment costs absolutely nothing


on my last day I think I'll want to stay in the hotel and relax on the beach,chill out a little
a big plus is that there is something to see in the Emirates without spending a large amount
of money!
for all paid entertainment, including taxi and metro, I will give about 32 thousand
rubles,but what emotions you will get for this money!


Thanks for your attention!
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