Read the sentences
Correct the sentences
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Finish and put down the sentences
Read the sentences
Correct the sentences
Translate into English
Check yourself
Finish and put down the sentences
Read the sentences
Correct the sentences
Translate into English
Check yourself
Test Yourself
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Conditional sentences


Условные предложения 1-го типа выражают реальные,
осуществимые условия, обычно относящиеся к
настоящему или будущему времени
* If I have time, I will go to the concert tomorrow.
* If we go to the cinema earlier, we will be able to get good
После союза if глагол стоит в Present Simple, а в
главном предложении в Future Simple или в
повелительном наклонении
* If he comes, ask him to wait for me.


will + V1
will + V1

3. Read the sentences

• He will give the dog the sugar if it jumps as
high as that.
• We’ll catch the train if we take a taxi.
• If you promise not to be late, I’ll let you go
for a walk.
• They will not go to the skating-rink if it is
very frosty.
• If she calls, tell her I will be at work.
• When he asks me, I will not able to tell him
about it.

4. Correct the sentences

• If the weather will be fine, we will go to
picnic tomorrow.
• When she will come, we have listen to
music on this CD.
• If I go to St. Petersburg, I visit Nevsky
Prospect, Winter Palace and St.Isaac’s
• I will go to the hospital, if I am not well.
• I’ll prepare dinner, if my mother ask me.
• If he invites me to the party, I can not go

5. Translate into English

• Если мама попросит меня купить
продукты, я пойду в новый супермаркет.
• Я помогу ему, если он меня попросит.
• Она не пойдет с ним в кафе, если он
позвонит ей.
• Скажи ей что случилось, если она
• Когда они придут, мы будем пить чай.
• Если погода будет солнечная, мы
пойдем на прогулку в парк.
• Я смогу написать тест, если буду
заниматься упорно.

6. Check yourself

• If my Mum asks me to buy some food, I
will go to a new supermarket.
• I will help her, if he asks me.
• She will not go to the cafe, if he calls her.
• Tell her what’s happen, if she asks you.
• When they come, we will drink tea.
• If the weather is sunny, we will go for a
walk in the park.
• I will be able to write a test, if I work hard.

7. Finish and put down the sentences

I will go to the library if…
We will visit some sightseeing if…
You will go for a walk if…
We will spend two days in the country if…
You will enjoy the concert if…
We will go shopping if…
I will introduce you to my friend if…
We will get some information from Internet


• Условные предложения второго типа выражают
маловероятные и нереальные условия, относящиеся
к настоящему или будущему времени.
Would + V 1
If + the Past Simple
Would+ V 1
If + the Past Simple

9. Read the sentences

• If I had time now, I would go to the
concert, but I’m busy.
• He would send us a telegram, if he knew
where we lived.
• If we went to the river, we would have a
good time there.
• I would go to the doctor, if I were you.
• She would buy a new car, if she had
enough money.
• He wouldn’t go to the football matches, if
he didn’t like football.

10. Correct the sentences

• We visit the exhibition if we were not so
• I would tell him about it, if I was you.
• If they go to the concert of rock group,
they would enjoy it very much.
• If you were not so tired, we would see
some more places of interest.
• He wouldn’t take part in competition, if he
didn’t liked ski.

11. Translate into English

• Если бы я был на твоем месте, я бы не
сделал так.
• Я бы подарил ей мою картину, если бы
она пригласила меня на свой день
• Если бы ты посмотрел этот фильм, ты
получил бы удовольствие.
• Если бы он пришел, я бы сказала ему
об этом.
• Он бы не пошел на этот концерт, если
бы не любил эту группу.

12. Check yourself

• If I were you, I wouldn’t do that.
• I would give my picture to her, if she
invited me on her birthday.
• If you watched the film, you would enjoy it.
• If he came to see me, I would say him
about it.
• He wouldn’t go to the concert, if he didn’t
like this group.

13. Finish and put down the sentences

• They would get interesting information
about this actor, if…
• I would go to the school New Year party,
• She would invite his on her birthday, if…
• We would buy that great toy for our small
sister, if…
• He would say “I love you” ,if…


Условные предложения 3-го типа выражают
условия, не реализованные в прошлом и,
следовательно, совершенно не
If + the Past Perfect
Would + have V3
Would + have V3
If + the Past Perfect

15. Read the sentences

• If Dan had taken part in the game, the
team would have won it.
• I wouldn’t have finished my work, if you
hadn’t helped me.
• They would have prepared for the
examinations better, if they had known
about it earlier.
• The children would have played in the
open air , if the weather had been better.
• You would have got a better mark , if you
hadn’t made so many mistakes.

16. Correct the sentences

• If you had go to the stadium, you would
have seen an interesting game.
• She wouldn’t have forgotten to take her
copy-book, if she has put it in her bag
• If she had known about your birthday, she
have come.
• I would have buy some bread, if I had
known that we have not it at home.
• If she had read a poem, she would got a
very good mark.

17. Translate into English

• Если бы ты пришел в школу вчера, ты
бы знал все новости.
• Мы бы перевели этот текст, если бы ты
попросил меня помочь тебе.
• Он бы сделал эту работу, если бы ты
ему помог.
• Она бы не опоздала на поезд, если бы
ты пришел вовремя.
• Если бы мы поехали в Москву прошлым
летом, мы бы сходили в Третьяковскую

18. Check yourself

• If you had come to school yesterday, you
would have known all the news.
• We would have translated the text, if you
had asked me to help you.
• He would have done his work, if you had
helped him.
• She wouldn’t have missed the train, if you
had come in time.
• If we had gone to Moscow last summer, we
would have visited the Tretyakov Gallery.

19. Test Yourself

I would have done my homework, if…
My friend will come at 6 o’clock, if…
If I were not busy …
If your friend is not well …
He would have gone to the concert, if…
We would have been late, if…
Call me up if…
If it is rained these days …
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