Popular dishes of Russian cuisine
Dressed herring
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Popular dishes of Russian cuisine

1. Popular dishes of Russian cuisine


Russia is the biggest country of the world, can you imagine how diverse it is? So many different people,
so many traditions. But the thing which Russian people have in common is Russian cuisine. We really
love it!
Have you ever heard about Rassolnik and Shchi? Great! It’s time we knew about the most popular
dishes in Russia.

3. Borscht

Borscht or so called Red soup, is the
most famous soup in Russia. It’s
associated as national cuisine in Ukraine
and some others countries in Eastern
However, Russian borscht and
Ukrainian borscht are not the same. In
Russia we prefer beef while in Ukraine
pork is more common meat for this
soup. Moreover Ukrainian borscht is
not always red.
This soup is traditionally served with
black bread and sour cream.
Common Ingredients are:
Beef or pork, beetroots,
white cabbage, carrots,
parsley root, potatoes,
onions and tomatoes.

4. Shchi

Shchi or cabbage soup. This soup has
no social class boundaries. The unique
taste of shchi is the same no matter
who and how cooked it. The secret is
to left it to stew after cooking.
Traditionally served with smetana and
rye bread, just like Borscht.
Common Ingredients are:
Carrots, basil or parsley roots
Onions, garlic, pepper

5. Rassolnik

Rassolnik is a hot soup in a salty-sour
cucumber base. The name originates
from the Russian word rassol which
means "brine" (pickle water).
For best taste, there has to be a
balance between the sour part and
neutral absorbers (cereals, potatoes,
root vegetables).
Rassolnik became part of the
common Soviet cuisine and today it is
also popular in Ukraine and Belarus.
Typical rassolnik is based on pork or
beef kidneys, brine (and pickles),
vegetables and barley, pickled
cucumbers, pearl barley.

6. Solyanka

Solyanka is a thick, piquant soup that
combines components from shchi
(cabbage, smetana) and rassolnik
(pickle water and cucumbers).
Solyanka is much thicker than other
There are 3 types of solyanka: meat,
fish, and simple solyanka.
The first two are cooked on strong
meat or fish broths mixed with
cucumber pickle water and the last on
mushroom or vegetable broth.

7. Okroshka

Okroshka is a cold soup based on
kvass (beverage commonly made from
rye bread) or various kinds of sour
milk. Okroshka is also a salad.
The kvass most commonly used in
cooking is white okroshka kvass, which
is much more sour than drinking kvass.
For the final touch, boiled eggs and
smetana are added.
There are typically two types of
vegetables in okroshka. The first must
have a neutral taste, such as boiled
potatoes, turnips, carrots, or fresh
cucumbers. The second must be spicy
and aromatic, like radishes or green
onion as well as other herbs.

8. Dressed herring

Sel'edka pod shuboy (herring under a
fur coat) or "dressed herring" is a very
popular Russian salad.
It is called so because chopped salted
herring is under a "coat" of shredded
cooked beet, sometimes with a layer of
egg or other vegetables.
There are layers of diced pickled
herring, grated boiled vegetables
(potatoes, carrots), chopped onions,
and mayonnaise.
A final layer of grated boiled beetroot
covered with mayonnaise is what gives
the salad its characteristic rich purple
color. Dressed herring salad is often
decorated with grated boiled eggs
(whites, yolks, or both).
A very popular dish for New Year

9. Pelmeni

Pelmeni are a traditional Russian dish.
It is also widely known in Eastern
Pelmeni are minced meat filling,
wrapped in thin dough. Dough is made
of flour and eggs, sometimes with milk
or water added. Any kinds of meat can
be used for filling.
The dish is served with butter or
Usually pelmeni are boiled, but
sometimes it can be fried until they
turn golden brown.

10. Blini

Blini are thin griddle cakes similar to
They may be topped or filled with
butter, smetana and any kinds of fruit
Blini had a ritual significance for early
Slavic peoples in pre-Christian times
since they were a symbol of the sun,
due to their round form. They were
traditionally prepared at the end of the
winter to honor the rebirth of the new
sun during Maslenitsa, a springtime
The word "blin" (singular of blini)
comes from Old Slavic "mlin", which
means "to mill".

11. Kasha

In Russia the word kasha refers to any
kind of porridge.
Kasha is one of the most important
dishes in traditional Russian cuisine.
Variety of cereals is based on a variety
of local crops.
The most popular cereals are
buckwheat, millet, semolina, oats and
People add butter, salt, sugar, different
jams or fresh fruit and berries to kasha.
It is traditionally cooked in milk.


Despite these dishes are well-known to everyone in Russia, the recepies and preparation vary from
family to family. That means Russian cuisine can tell you about the story of Russia and traditions
of its families.

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