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Our favorite dishes from Russian cuisine


Our favorite dishes from
Russian cuisine


We chose dishes of
Russian cuisine because
this food is closest to us


Vitya's favorite dish
is sturgeon
• If you come to Russia, be sure
to try Russian dishes from this
fish. Sturgeon moved to the
table in the royal family, it was
the privilege of the nobility. It
was baked with meat, stuffed
with vegetables and meat, sex
aspic. The sturgeon is a
source of valuable black
music. Now this fish is grown
in special fish hatcheries, so
the sturgeon population in
nature is gradually recovering.


• Before serving, the whole
baked fish is left in the
refrigerator for a couple of
hours, after which it is
cleaned of skin and cartilage,
cut into portions. Fillet pieces
are neatly laid out around the
perimeter of the dish, in strict
sequence, according to the
principle from tail to head.
The tail and head themselves
are prepared separately and
serve only to decorate the
dish, crowning the


Olya's favorite dish is olivier


• Olivier salad is a traditional salad
dish in Russian cuisine. It is also
very popular in other European
countries, Iran, Israel, Mongolia and
Latin America. Nowadays there are
several recipes of this salad.
In Russia, Ukraine and other postSoviet states this salad has become
a real must-have during the
celebration of New Year. It is served
in nearly every household.


• The original version of the salad was invented in the
1860s by a Belgian chef, Lucien Olivier. At that time
he worked in Hermitage, one of Moscow’s most
celebrated restaurants. The salad very quickly
became a specialty dish which everyone wanted to
The exact recipe,
particularly that of the
dressing, was kept a
secret. Today’s popular
version of Olivier salad
only faintly resembles
Olivier’s original
creation. It is known as
a version of Ivanov’s


Nastya's favorite dish is okroshka
Okroshka is a
traditional cold soup of
Russian cuisine, which
is prepared in spring
and summer.


• Okroshka with sausage
We will need:
Low-fat kefir or whey (or kvass)
- 2-2.5 liters
Sour cream - 100 g
Boiled or semi-smoked
sausage - 150 g
Boiled potatoes - 6 pcs .
Boiled eggs - 3 pcs .
Cucumbers - 2-3 pcs .
Green onion - 1 bunch
Fresh dill - 1 bunch
Salt - 1 teaspoon


• Wash the potatoes well. Put potatoes to
cook in a uniform.
Put the eggs to boil
While they are cooking, cut the sausage
into small cubes.
Wash and chop the green onions
Wash and chop the dill
Wash the cucumbers and cut into small
Boiled eggs cool in cold water, clean.
Then finely chop
Boiled eggs cool in cold water, clean.
Then finely chop
Mix everything, add salt
Add chilled sour cream


• Pour everything with cold kefir,
whey or unsweetened bread
kvass. If you pour okroshka with
sausage with fatty kefir, it should
be diluted with cold boiled water
Okroshka with sausage is ready.
Enjoy your meal!
okroshka can be seen in many
cases. There are also many
establishments in Tambov where
you can see okroshka on the
menu. I liked it better in the Ark
cafe (ред.)


Dima's favorite dish is pancakes
• Russian pancakes are baked from wheat yeast dough. Served hot
with melted butter or sour cream. They can also be served with
caviar, salted (smoked) fish and any other side dish if desired.
There are also pancakes made of
unleavened dough. They can be
wrapped with various fillings:
cottage cheese, meat, rice,
mushrooms, jam, apples


This dish has long gone beyond the borders of Russia. For
example, the Gjelina Restaurant in Los Angeles serves this dish
for breakfast (It has a Michelin star).
In Germany, there is a whole institution that was opened for "bored
emigrants". This place is called Café Datscha Mitte. It naturally serves
this dish


We really love Russian
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