Project "Evolution of Youth Groups in RUssia"
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Evolution of Youth Groups in Russia

1. Project "Evolution of Youth Groups in RUssia"

Беднякова Алеся 11 «Б» класс


Subculture can be called a group of people
United by common views on life, different
from the worldview that is imposed by the
majority. Often they share not only a similar
mindset, but also certain musical preferences
and style of clothing


Around since the late 80-ies of the 20th century, it became more visible to the attention of researchers
to the phenomenon of subculture. In Russia, they were developed around the mid 20th century, when
there were such subjects as "hipsters" - the so-called flamboyant youth who tried to dance and to dress
"stylish", they got their name. The representatives of this movement very quickly disappeared as the
policy against dissidents was very, very hard. It is especially due to the fact that "hipsters" was accused
by the state that they bow to the West. This was just to judge, given that the music, which gave
preferences "stylish" youth - jazz and rock-n-roll came to us from the USA


The second wave can be called a stage when
young people became available rock music
(60's-80-ies) .In the middle of this period, when
young people got access to narcotic drugs,
there was a "system" - the hippy subculture of the
USSR, which combines a plurality of individual
subcultures, subsequently absorbed even
metalheads and punks.


The third wave of development of the
subculture in Russia began in 1986, when it was
officially recognized the existence of informal
groups. It is from this period the youth
movement in Russia began to develop actively.


Goths, for example, prefer to wear black clothes, the
hair painted black, in addition, lips and nails are also
painted in black.Russia is ready very often confused
with Satanists. The most important feature of any goth
can be called the desire to be creative, which can
be seen in how they relate to their appearance.

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