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Interfere in
Concern smb
Pick fights with
Make friends
Get on my nerves
Show off
It’s typical of…to…
Put the blame on…
Be pleased with
Be popular with
Take care of
Have a relationship with
Have arguments
Вмешиваться в
Затрагивать, касаться кого-л.
Вступать в драку с
Заводить друзей, подружиться
Действовать на нервы
Выпендриваться, хвастаться
Типично с…
Возлагать вину на
Быть довольным чем-л.
Быть популярным (среди)
Заботиться о
Иметь отношение с


Make a promise
Break a promise
Rely on somebody
Approve of
Object to
Say hello
Keep to myself
Делать обещание
Нарушить обещание
Полагаться на
Возражать против
Узнавать (внешне)
Сказать «Привет»
Держаться особняком


Answer the questions
1. Is there a person you know that interfere in things that don’t concern
2. Have you ever picked fights with other people? Why?
3. Is it easy for you to make friends? Why?
4. Who usually gets on your nerves? Why?
5. Are you pleased with your school marks? If not, why?
6. What style of music is popular with your friends?
7. How often do you have arguments with your friends? What’s the main
reason for your arguments?
8. Who do you usually rely on difficult situations? Why?
9. Is it typical of your best friend to make a promise and then break it?
10. Which of your classmates likes to showoff?


Friends play a very important role in our life. They are people who we
usually rely on in difficult situations. I believe a true friend should be
loyal, supportive and trusting. A true friend is someone who doesn’t get
on your nerves, interferes in things that don’t concern them or puts the
blames on you when they’re guilty. They’re people who make a promise
and never break it. It’s typical of true friends to give some useful advice if
they don’t approve of any of your behaviour.
Friendship takes priority to me. It’s not difficult for me to make new
friends as I’m honest and dedicated. I have a good relationship with my
best friend. He always supports me when I’m in trouble. We sometimes
have arguments but finally find a compromise.
I strongly believe that real friendship is something we should
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