The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Great Britain
The Union Jack
England - Англия
Scotland - Шотландия
Wales - Уэльс
Northern Ireland – Северная Ирландия
Red rose - Красная роза
London - Лондон
Thistle - Чертополох
Edinburgh - Эдинбург
Leek and yellow daffodils – Лук порей и желтые нарциссы
Cardiff - Кардифф
Shamrock - Трилистник
Belfast - Белфаст
Queen Elisabeth I - Королева Елизавета I
Queen Anne - Королева Анна
Queen Victoria - Королева Виктория
  Diana, Princess of Wales - Диана, принцесса Уэльская
Queen Elisabeth II - Королева Елизавета II
The Royal Family – Королевская семья

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Соединенное королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии

1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Соединенное королевство
Великобритании и Северной

2. Great Britain

The UK consists of four
parts: England, Wales,
Scotland and Northern
Ireland. Each part - it
is a separate country
with its capital, flag,
national emblem,
history and culture.

3. The Union Jack

Flag of Great Britain called
«The Union Jack». It
consists of three crosses:
the cross of St. George,
the patron saint of
England, the cross of St.
Andrew, the patron saint
of Scotland, and the cross
of St. Patrick, the patron
saint of Ireland.

4. England - Англия

One part of the UK.
Capital - London.
National emblem - a
red rose.

5. Scotland - Шотландия

The second largest part
of the UK. Capital Edinburgh. National
emblem - a thistle.

6. Wales - Уэльс

Another part of the
UK. Capital Cardiff. National
emblem - leek and

7. Northern Ireland – Северная Ирландия

The fourth part of
the UK. Capital Belfast. National
emblem shamrock.

8. Red rose - Красная роза

Rose with red petals and white stamens - the
traditional emblem of the United Kingdom. It is
the most famous kings of England badge. After
the Wars of the Roses, named breastplates
names who fought for the crown, red rose of
Lancaster and the white rose of York were
united in a form which is called "Tudor Rose". In
recent times, the red rose was approved by the
European political parties as an emblem of

9. London - Лондон

The capital of
England and the
Tower Bridge

10. Thistle - Чертополох

In ancient times, the Vikings landed on the east coast of Scotland
with the intention to capture and plunder the country. Scots
gathered all its combat forces and occupied the location of the
river Tay, where there was a convenient ford. They set up camp
and settled down to rest, considering that the enemy will not
attack until the next day. However, the Vikings were near;
finding no protection and the Scots guards around the camp,
they crossed the river with the intention of a sudden attack.
They took off his shoes to make noise when moving to a smaller
camp. But suddenly one of the Vikings stepped on a thistle. The
sudden and acute pain he cried. Hearing the cry, Scott raised the
alarm in the camp. The Vikings were forced to retreat, and the
thistle, in recognition of this that's unexpected help, the Scots
have chosen as their national emblem ....

11. Edinburgh - Эдинбург

The capital of

12. Leek and yellow daffodils – Лук порей и желтые нарциссы

Wales - a country in which there are two
emblems. Legend has it that St. David
asked his people to attach leeks to hats and
paste it into the clothes tabs to easily vary
during the battle against their enemies the Anglo-Saxons. St. David's Day is
celebrated in early spring when the
daffodils bloom, symbolizing the birth of a
new life. This flower was the second, more
elegant emblem of Wales, while the first is
the official emblem of the leeks.

13. Cardiff - Кардифф

Capital of Wales.

14. Shamrock - Трилистник

Patron Saint Patrick of Ireland is renowned for being
brought to Ireland Christian faith. Trying to impress
the leader once-pagan concept of the Holy Trinity, St.
Patrick plucked leaf clover and explained that there is
God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,
but they are the same as the three leaves on one germ.
? This intuitive explanation achieved the goal, and the
grateful leader imbued with the Christian spirit and
ordered his subjects to follow his example. So St.
Patrick Irish convinced that the Triune God is better
than a lot of disparate pagan idols. And since then, the
shamrock has become one of the favorite national
symbols Irish.

15. Belfast - Белфаст

The capital of
Northern Ireland.

16. Queen Elisabeth I - Королева Елизавета I

Elizabeth I (7.09.1533 - 24.03.1603) the Queen of England and Ireland
from 1558. During her reign "Golden Age" in the history of
England. Development of all
sectors of the economy, increases
the army, England became a
colonial empire. This is the heyday
of the culture, and the growing
importance of English in the world
arena (the defeat of the Spanish
Armada). In her time worked:
William Shakespeare, Marlowe.

17. Queen Anne - Королева Анна

Anna (06/02/1665 01/08/1714) - the first
monarch of Great Britain
legally united. Board Anna the heyday of Culture and
Science and the formation
of the British
Enlightenment. In her time
worked: Daniel Defoe,
Jonathan Swift, Sir Isaac
Newton worked.

18. Queen Victoria - Королева Виктория

Victoria (24/05/1819 - 22/01/1901).
She had been on the throne for 64
of the year - more than any other
monarch of Great Britain. The
Victorian era coincided with the
Industrial Revolution, a period of
greatest prosperity of the British

19.   Diana, Princess of Wales - Диана, принцесса Уэльская

Diana, Princess of Wales - Диана, принцесса
from 1981 to 1996, is widely known as
Princess Diana, Lady Diana Lady Di or.
Diana actively involved in charitable
and peacekeeping. Was one of the most
popular women in the world of his time.
In the UK, has always been considered
the most popular member of the royal
family, it was called the "queen of
hearts" or "queen of hearts"

20. Queen Elisabeth II - Королева Елизавета II

Elizabeth II (born
21/04/1926) - now the
reigning queen ascended
the throne in 1952.
Queen of Great Britain
only reigns but does not
govern. She launched an
extensive executive
functions involved in
various charity events.

21. The Royal Family – Королевская семья

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