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Oil and Gas College named after Y.G.Hervier


The Oil and Gas College of the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University was established on
the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University on May 30, 2005
(Protocol No. 9) on the basis of the oldest educational institution of the Tyumen region
– the state educational institution of primary vocational education vocational school
No. 7.


Over the 55 years of the college's existence, more than 25,000 specialists have been
trained for the oil and gas industry of the West Siberian region. Today, the college is
proud of its graduates: heroes of socialist labor S.N. Urusov, N.D. Glebov, knights of
the Order of the Red Banner of Labor - N.I. Popov, S.I. Gayda, V.M. Parkhomovich
and many others, awarded honorary government and departmental


awards for their
contribution to the
development of the
oil and gas complex
of the Tyumen
Every year, about
1100 full-time
students receive
education at the
college in the
following areas:


elated directions:
21.01.01 Operator of oil and gas wells
21.01.03 Driller of production and exploration wells
21.01.02 Well Repair Operator
21.01.04 Engineer on drilling rigs
18.01.27 Machinist of process pumps and compressors
21.02.01 Development and operation of oil and gas fields
21.02.02 Drilling of oil and gas wells
02/21/10 Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields
The specialty "Development and operation of oil and gas fields" can be obtained by
training in absentia.
Since 2006, the College has been actively cooperating with the Employment
Department of the Tyumen Region, the Employment Center of the Tyumen City
Administration and the state autonomous institutions of the Tyumen Region –
employment centers.


Y.G. Hervier was the initiator and organizer of large-scale prospecting and exploration
work in most of Western Siberia, which ended with the discovery of the largest oil and
gas province in the USSR and in the world. In total, during his leadership, the
Geological Service of the region explored and discovered more than 250 oil and gas
fields, 112


eposits are classified as large (49), largest (33) and unique (30). 466 structures promising for oil and gas have
been prepared by geophysical work. Proven oil reserves amounted to 10 billion tons, condensate - 0.5 billion
tons, gas - 20 trillion cubic meters. In monetary terms, this corresponds to the fact that each Tyumen
geologist has contributed about one million dollars to the country's piggy bank. At that time , based on the
discoveries of geologists in


Since 1.01.2018, the
Oil and Gas College
named after
Yu.G.Hervier became
part of the
College of TIU as the
oil and gas
Department named
after Yu.G. Hervier.


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