Smolensky Construction College


Smolensky Construction College


March 25, 1944 decision of the State Defense Committee was created in
Smolensk Building College to train technicians, construction workers to rebuild
towns destroyed by the Nazi invaders in the Great Patriotic War


In 1992, the college converted into a new type of institution - building college


March 25, 1944 decision of the State Defense Committee №5465 in the city of Smolensk
established Civil Engineering to prepare technicians builders to restore the cities destroyed by
Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War. The first director of the Smolensk Construction
College was Boris Petukhov.
The destroyed building College after World War II


College is located in a former (1877-1917) of a secondary school outside the
Communist. The building was badly damaged during the fighting in Smolensk.
Forces of the students and teachers of the building by 1948 was fully restored.
By 1950, in the courtyard of the college two-storey building for employment and
industrial training workshops were built.
Refurbished building college


In 1946, the first issue of 35 technicians, construction workers was made.
In 1950, the issue of young professionals has already reached 125
In the first years of college I had one room - the construction. In the late
40-ies in technical training was conducted in the following specialties:
"Industrial and civil construction"
"Sanitary unit buildings"
Since 1955, there was in college evening classes.


On the basis of the decision of the Council of National Economy of the Smolensk region from economic 19
June 1957 Smolensk Smolensk Civil Engineering and Technology College were merged in Polytechnic
College. The College 2 Full-time were organized: constructional and technological. training in the field of
"Technology of silicates" are carried out on the technology department, "Technology of meat and dairy
In June 1957, the correspondence department was organized.


In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Construction of the RSFSR of 15
June 1963 again he became a college building. Since autumn 1979 the
construction of a new academic building and a 9-storey building dormitories for
408 seats. While in college there were three branches: the day (700 students),
evening (400 students) and distance (260 students). All departments train
specialists of industrial and civil construction, production of building components
and concrete structures.
In 1981, the 9-storey comfortable hostel, and in 1986 commissioned a new
training and laboratory building for 960 students was built.


In 1992, by order of the Ministry of Architecture, Construction and Housing and
Communal Services of the Russian Federation Civil Engineering transformed into
a new type of institution - building college. The official name - State educational
institution Smolensky Construction College.
In the 90-ies. new specialties were opened:


In 2014, Smolensky Construction College otmietil its 70th anniversary. During this
time, the institution has trained about 35 thousand specialists.


Next to the educational buildings college dormitories are located.
Dormitory №1 is designed for 400 seats,
Hostel №2 - 100 seats.
All full-time students need to provide a place in a hostel.


Today, the college is the largest educational institution in the Smolensk region,
carrying out training mid-level construction industry. Currently Smolensky
Construction College - is not just a professional educational organization, but a
living, evolving organism with its own traditions, identity, laws, have their own
history, their biography, their achievements, their specialty and profession.


At full-time and correspondence courses has about 1,500 students. The College
has two academic buildings (ul. Novo-Roslavl, 6 and st. Garaburdy, 17), 2 housing
production workshops (str. Communist, 4a and st. Garaburdy, 17), 2 comfortable
hostel with 400 seats (str. Tenisheva and 20 st. Garaburdy, 17a). Study rooms are
equipped with modern furniture, display equipment, video and audio equipment,
computer technology.


Smolensky Construction College - the winner of the contest "100 best secondary
specialized educational institutions of Russia", awarded with the medal "European
quality", winner of the interregional contest "Best Colleges CFA."
Colleges CFA."


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