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Healthy fast food


Healthy Fast Food!
Anuchina Ksenia 10A


Salads are a fairly common type of fast
food that can be found on the menu of
every cafe or snack bar. Now the range
of disposable packaging is so wide that it
is quite affordable to take a fresh salad of
cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage with
you when it is not possible to eat the dish
on the spot.
The next type of fast food that I
would like to talk about is pies.
Unlike salad, they are much more
satisfying and just as healthy. They
can be found in cafes, shops or
bakeries. Usually the places where
they sell pies are open until 8-10 pm.


the ingredients of the salad are quite simple and they
come in different types. usually, lettuce, tomatoes,
cucumbers, onions, peppers, any sauce (for example,
mayonnaise) and pieces of meat are added there.
If you monitor the calorie content of your food, or
follow a diet in order to lose weight, choose salad
options without fried pieces of meat, chicken, which
greatly increase the calorie content of the dish.
Give up mayonnaise dressings as well. You can ask
at the pick-up counter to pour only vegetable oil on
your salad. Do you have a choice? Olive oil is
The ingredients of the pies
are also very simple. this is a
dough with a filling inside.
the filling can be made from
anything. it can be potatoes,
meat, cabbage, beetroot, egg
and onion.


Salads are quite popular because it is a very healthy and wonderful dish if you
maintain a diet. Salads help to maintain the figure, because there are many useful
vitamins there.
Pies are also popular because they are quite easy to prepare as well as salads. and
they are also useful. pies can be eaten at any time of the day and they are very tasty
and satisfying!
and the most important thing that connects these two dishes is that they are very
affordable. they can be found in almost any store and diner and are not expensive
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