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Most of (some, many, few, two in five of, around a third of, less than a half of)


Most of (some, many, few, two in five of, around a
third of, less than a half of) … teenagers (young
people) …
This fact (it)means that they/it is
It proves that they …
Eat a variety of foods
Have a healthy diet
snack a lot
Want to loose weight
Are overweight
Promote a healthy way of
Is harmful for health
Ruin their health
Eat fast food
take care of health
Prefer home-made food
Eat healthy food
Is useful for health
Damage their health
Are physically inactive
Skip meals


1. Training your
2. Keeping of a day
3. Going in for sport
4. Airing the room
5. Water procedures
6. Healthy sleep
7. Morning exercises
8. Walking
A. Our life is too dynamic
and nervous and so sport
helps to relax
B. helps you not to be ill
C. makes you feel clean,
better and healthier
D. helps you to keep fit and to
be in a good form
E. helps you to relax, to
breathe the fresh air
F. makes your life more
G. is the best way of rest


Which bad habits are described?
… is a disease which ruins not only your organism,
but your personality too
… can be harmful because of electric waves which
make bad influences on your health
… damages your health: such organs as lungs,
bronchial, tubes, heart and others
… can be a cause of some diseases and obesity
… means you ruin your health, your muscles don’t
work, your weight becomes more and more
… is bad for your eyes, brains, nerves system
Drinking alcohol
Inactive way of life
Mobile phones
Working on a computer


Eat a variety of foods
Eat fast food
Cut out junk food
Follow a healthy diet
Count calories
Skip meals
Give up snacking
Loose weight
Eat at night
Cut out snacks and desserts
Use low-calorie food
Cut down on fat
Eat less
of everithing
You need/needn’t
You must/mustn’t
Join fitness clubs
Do regular exercises
Go in for sport
Limit a TV or computer
Give up smoking
Walk a lot
Be positive and friendly
helps you to be healthy
different diseases
To be active in life
To be in a good form
To promote healthy living guide
Ruin your health
It is harmful (useful) for health
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