FD/FG 15 – 35NT Training Manual
Dia 2
Using this training manual
Using this training manual
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FD/FG 15 - 35NT Training Manual

1. FD/FG 15 – 35NT Training Manual

2. Dia 2

• The following modules do not cover all of the material in the
manual. We have identified and chosen some of the more
important key points. To fully understand the lift truck you will
need to read the manual. More hands on work with the lift truck,
and real life work will improve your overall knowledge of this
• The information in this training manual has been collated from
several sources. Where possible the permission has been asked and
given to reprint text and diagrams.
• Warning: Ensure that when you order parts that you use the
Magellan parts manual.

3. Using this training manual

• Each chapter will have a title
page that includes a media
• The media number represents
the service manual that this
manual follows.
• The training manual should be
used along with the service

4. Using this training manual

• Text and pictures will appear on
the slide area.
• Additional notes or diagrams
will appear in the notes area.
• Feel free to make any hand
written notes.

5. Contents

• Model Identification
• Improvements
• Engines
– S4S
– S4Q2
– K15, K21, K25
• One Speed Power Shift Transmission and Torque Converter
• Front Axle and Reduction Differential
• Brake System

6. Contents

• Electrical System
• Controllers
• Hydraulic System
– Manual Control
– Fingertip Control
• Power Steering
• Rear Axle
• Front end and Mast
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