1.Getting up.
2. The school bell sound.
3. Lessons
The lessons start at…
I want to study…
4. After class activities.
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My ideal school day


My ideal
school day.
Prepared by Фамилия Имя

2. 1.Getting up.

Who wants to wake up early in the morning? I
guess, nobody. That is why the ideal school
day begins with ideal morning. Let’s start our
perfect day at 9 o’clock.

3. 2. The school bell sound.

Everybody hates this awful sound which is
heard when the lesson begins. I would change
it. Well, let me think…
So, here are the variants of the best sounds.
Let’s listen to them;)

4. 3. Lessons

That is a very interesting moment. There are a
lot of questions:
- When should they start?
- How many lessons I want to study?
- What subjects I would like to have?
You will know about it on the next page.

5. The lessons start at…

…10 o’clock. I think, it is the ideal time. I had
enough time to sleep and have more energy
to be active the whole day.

6. I want to study…

…4 lessons: 2 lessons before lunch and 2 after it.
Oh, lunch. I’ve almost forgotten about it. My
stomach is saying that it’s time to have a meal.


On my best school day I want to have…
Сlass hour

8. 4. After class activities.

When the lessons are over it’s time to do after class
activities. I want to attend basketball, football and
volleyball club. It takes about 3 hours but I have
enough time and energy. Remember that I had
enough sleep


So, that is my ideal school day.
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