My School Day
My School Day
Dear Ann,
Hi there, Nikita!
(Further Continuation)
Our School
This is my lunch. Is it different?
Hello, Valery
Michael Brandenburg OUR SCHOOL DAY
Dear Danil,
My School Day
My School Day
School Days
Dear Danil,
A Day in My School
(Continuation of continuation)
Our School Day
My school day
My Normal School Day
Dear Nastia,
Our School Day
Greetings Arina
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My School Day


Dear Nikita,
My name is Andrew Knight. I woke up at 7:25. I dressed up and left
at 7:45 and got there at 8:12. We are supposed to be there at 8:15-8:25.
I got there by car. That is when your parents drive you to school.
First at school we go to the floor in a circle. This is called circle time.
After circle we go do math and science. We did not do that today. After
taking a vocabulary test, we saw the presentations.
I like your sash, or was that your clothing? I liked it though. Tell me if I
ramble. I have a tendency to talk on without making sense. Wait, did I
spell your name wrong?
Well, after that we went to lunch.(see opening image) Seriously though,
that sash or clothing in your photo is awesome Nikita. I wish I could see
you in real life. What is Ukranian for bye? I’m just going to say soyanara.
Me eating my favorite: fiesta tacos!

2. My School Day

Hi Liza! I’m so glad you wrote back to me! I found out some things we share in common, I also love to sing and dance! I know that you want to here
about my school life so I’ll tell you about that! I usually wake up at 6:30 and get ready for the day, I don’t know about you but at my school we have
uniform that consists of a polo shirt and cacti skirts/shorts. By the time I am ready to leave my house and go to school it’s about 7:45. When I get to
school I go to news crew which is a school job I have when I talk to the whole school about our day! When I get to my classroom I greet my best
friend Annie I have known her since I was 2 months old!
Me and my
friends at
My favorite school subject is science because I like learning about new things such as animals and weather! My favorite part of the day is recess, I
play a game called infected it’s kind of like tag but if you tag one person their also it to! But anyways when I get back to my classroom after news crew
I do my morning work, we just have to correct a sentence! After we all go over our morning work we come to circle and Mrs. Roche picks a topic that
we have to talk about!
After circle we start math which is my lest favorite part of the day! We work on a 100 day count down which is 5 problems that we have to work on
(more of like torture if you ask me) When we have finally finished torture we move on to science, we watch videos on the topic we are learning
After that we go to lunch and recess. When we come back from recess and lunch we read a chapter from our book A View from Saturday After we
read our books we go to centers, in centers we either go to computers, USA weekly, which is a article about history and then we answer questions,
Mrs. Roche which is when we go to the back table and work with her on a story. Mountain language is where we fix spelling and social studies is an
other story with questions! After centers we go to related arts! When related arts is finished we pack up and go home
Well I am so glad I got to wright back to you please wright back to me and tell me all about your school day.
Sincerely, Bianca.

3. My School Day

Dear Sofiya, this is Caleb
I really liked your slide, one of my favorite colors is green to. I’m glad that you like cats. I had
three cats but one of them ran away, now I only have two cats. Their names are Sage and Dava. I am also
11, my birthday was May 28. I go to school for 7 hours a day. We do reading, math, science, and writing. My
favorites are subjects are reading writing. We usually do math and science in the morning, and reading in
the afternoon. Right in between we go to lunch and recess. We go to recess after lunch so that we can have
a break from being inside, and so that we can have sometime to run around, and burn off some energy. At
the end of the day, we go to related arts. We have music on Monday, Art on Tuesday, Technology on
Wednesday, and P.E. on Thursday, and Friday. They are a series of classes that are not taught in home room.
Those classes are 50 minutes each. After that we go back to our official classrooms, by the time we get back
we only have about 20 minutes left until it is time to go home. Some people ride the bus home, and others
get picked up in their parent’s cars. It has been a pleasure meeting you.
This is me eating my
lunch that I brought
from home.
From, Caleb

4. Dear Ann,

Hi Ann. I was just wondering do you have any other pets beside
Tisha. I have a cat named Angel, a dog named Onyx, and a
hamster named Peaches. I’m in 5th grade and my favorite
subject is reading. Enough about me, lets move on to a different
topic. Why do you want to become an Olympic Gymnast and
visit London? How long is a regular school day in Ukraine? In
my country, school starts at 8:25 and ends at 2:45. In this
picture we are doing a project called The Tower of Pasta. Its
basically where we have a certain amount of materials and we
have to make a tower that will hold a certain amount of grams. I
am in the top left corner of the table. Do you guys do projects? I
have a best friend to and her name is Savanah. I hope to talk
and meet you in person but for now I have to go so bye.
Sincerely, Dakota

5. Hi there, Nikita!

You know, a part of me kind of wants to learn Ukrainian to be able to talk to you, hehe. I really
enjoyed the slide, but there were quite a few smaller grammar errors. But that’s quite fine, as I understand
you’re an English learner! I hope you get better at it! A lot of people say English is the hardest language
to learn, so it must be REALLY scary to someone who hasn’t grown up in an English-speaking country. I
kind of know the feeling from my trying to learn German.
Anyway, I bet you want to know a bit more about my average day in school. Well, at first I start off
with my morning CaughtYA! Sentence, which is an English sentence with lots of grammar and spelling
mistakes which we have to fix. Then we move onto our Divergent Thinking board, where we do four
things: the Plexer, the Dooriddle, the Adage/Proverb, and the Quote/Value. In the Plexer, we’re given a
box with things in it, and usually words. We have to use the position of the words within the box to figure
out what it means. In the Dooriddle, it’s just a riddle that has to do with words and grammar. In the
Adage/Proverb, we look at age-old adages and proverbs and then decipher their meaning. In the
Quote/Value, we look at old quotes and values (a lot like adages and proverbs) and then decipher their
meaning, and then write a reflection on what that quote means to us.
Continued on the next slide

6. (Continuation)

After that, we come to circle and talk about the Daily Journal. Every day
of the week, someone has to do the Daily Journal, and we do it in order. The
Daily Journal recites what we did on a certain day, kind of like a newspaper.
After that, we hang it up on the Daily Journal board. Anyway, when we come
to circle, we pick a topic from the topic pile to speak on, like, “What do you
want to be when you grow up?” or “5 words about your weekend” or “1 word
describing yesterday’s substitute teacher.” Stuff like that. Anyway, once we get
up, we usually get down to mathematics, where we do our Four-Square Math,
which is four mathematical problems organized into a square shape, and then
out 100 Days Countdown, which is mathematical problems counting down
each day until our math test in the spring. We’re on day twelve, or something
like that. After that, we oftentimes get down to science, where we do ALL
SORTS of stuff, like experiments on all sorts of subjects, thought experiments,
that kind of thing. Then we go to lunch. My family is an organic family,
meaning they don’t buy anything with Genetically Modified Organisms within
it (GMO’s), which can harm your body. But I hear most European countries
have outlawed GMO’s, so it’s kind of dumb that the U.S. still has them.
Anyway, as seen in the picture, I have a granola bar, a banana, and an apple.
My granola bar is comprised of dark chocolate chips, granola, flax and sesame
seeds, pumpkin seeds, and pomegranate. Behind me is Nicholas Bullock, and
behind him, in the pink shirt, is Philip Hajar. Ahead of me, although you can’t
see him, is one of my best friends Justin, and then ahead of him is Zachary,
ahead of him being also one of my best friends, Henry.
From, Ethan Marlow
Eating my lunch!

7. (Further Continuation)

Here are some of my best friends.
This is my friend,
Kayla Raiser
“Riser”). I talk and
walk with her a lot,
and she likes to talk
about stuff like Five
Nights at Freddy’s,
and a YouTuber
called Markiplier.
This is my friend,
Justin Wang. He
makes quite a few
unfunny jokes, but
he’s generally
considered the
smart one by me,
because for some
reason that’s what
he goes by.
This is Henry
(pronounced Taa
kiss), I do all
sorts of stuff
with him all the
time, like go
over to his
house. He plays
football and is a
cool guy.

8. Our School

Dear Polina Mikulina,
I enjoy to hear about your personality. I don’t have any animals, but I LOVE them. I used to have a cat,
but then we gave her away. Cats are my favorite type of animal. I am also engaged in dancing too. I don’t have a
dance club or anything, but I dance a lot at home. Also, I love to swim. I am not a perfect swimmer, but it’s very
fun. My favorite foods are pizza and French toast. By the way, you said your favorite food was pizza and rolls. But,
what kind of rolls?? My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. I like winter too, but it doesn’t snow where I live. By
the way, if you were wondering a little bit about my school, here are some facts about my school and what I do.
First off, I get up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, only because I have this program that’s called “Safety Patrol.” I take
car because you need to come to school at 7:45 a.m. and the bus comes later than that. What you basically do in
safety patrol is wear this bright yellowish-green looking sash, which has a badge on it. What the safety patrols do
is protect our school. There are different jobs, like car line, bus loop, kindergarten playground, and much, much
more. We switch jobs every month. Our safety patrol boss is Mrs.Kozel. She is very funny and nice once you get to
know her. My job right now is car line. Basically, there is a line of cars that pass by. Then, when one stops right in
front of you, you open the door, let the student out, say “have a nice day!,” and then close it. You do that until
Mrs.Kozel lets you go to class. And then, I start the rest of my morning. When I go into class, I start by doing a
spelling practice assignment, only on Mondays though. Then, I do the Caught Ya’ sentence. You are given a
sentence and there are a bunch of grammar mistakes. So, you right the sentence in a yellow notebook, but
correctly. And you also do plexers, which are kind of like brain teasers. You also do dooriddles, which are like Who
am I? riddles. Then we do math and science, which is are favorite subjects. Then we go to lunch. I am eating
French toast which syrup. It is SOOO good. I usually bring in other things too, like nachos or pizza. The other
picture is the picture with all the girls As you can see, I am the only one who isn’t looking at the camera. But the
girl right next to me is Sandra. She is my best friend. I talk to her every day at lunch. She is the best friend ever.
And that is basically a bunch of facts about my school.
Sincerely, Ezzah

9. This is my lunch. Is it different?

Dear Vladislav,
This is my lunch. Is it different?
I thought I would share with you that I enjoyed seeing your slide. I thought it was so neat to
see what you do in Ukraine. You shared with me what you do in school so I thought I would share
with you how school goes for me where I live. I will start off with what time I get up for school. I
get up at around six-thirty am every day. Then I get ready and go to school. We start off by doing
morning work. That is maybe correcting a paragraph with mistakes. Then we go to circle and talk
about what we are going to do for the rest of the day. After that we do some math and maybe
work on a project my teacher told us we had to do. Then we go to lunch. I am not sure what you
guys eat for lunch but I want to tell you what I eat. I have a picture next to this paragraph so that
you can see. I bring my lunch to school from home. I ate a ham sandwich, a bag of chips
( Doritos), Chex mix, yogurt, and coconut chips. Is it different from what you eat? Maybe you
can tell me that in the next slide you give me. That would be interesting. After lunch we go to
recess. That is a time where we can run around and play games to get our energy out before we
go back to our classroom. After we get back to our classroom we read part of our classroom
book. This book is called “A View From Saturday Morning”.
After we finish reading a couple of pages we go back to our seat and work on something my
teacher tells us to do. Then we go to specials. Specials are classes like P.E, art, technology, and
music. My favorite is P.E because we play things like soccer and dodge ball. After we get back
from specials we go home. I go home on a buss with my little sisters. I think I already told you
this but I have a really big family. I actually have eight kids total in my family. Is that a lot where
you live or no?
To pass time I play soccer and I also go shopping to look for toys and clothes that I want. What do
you go shopping for? My favorite subject is reading because I enjoy reading books. My favorite
book that I've ever read was “Eragon”. It was about a boy who goes on battles with his dragon.
He tried to defeat a evil king. It was really interesting. I cant wait to hear back from you!


Dear Polina
Sorry in advance if you know what you know what all
these words mean, but I did not know if you knew them. I
really enjoyed hearing about you and your home town. I
think it is amazing how you have learned how to sing and
dance. I would like to share my school day with you. First I
awoke at seven and then ate a breakfast of fruit, toast and
sausage. After breakfast I rode in my car at seven fifty to go
to school. When I arrived at school me and my class took a
vocabulary test, a vocabulary test is basically a test when
you have find a words meaning. Next I read your message
to me. Afterwards I worked on a science project. For my
project my group of four people are making a game about
the human body. Even though my group did not finish we
made some great progress. After my project I went to lunch
and ate a sandwich. On my sandwich I had roast beef,
lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. I also had pretzels and
strawberries. Now I am at the computer lab. A computer lab
is a room designed to have around twenty computers.
While I am here I am typing this letter. In about five minutes
I will be going to a book fair. At the book fair my class will
buy a couple books. Then I will go to music. When me and
my class is at music we sing holiday songs. At two thirty we
go back to my class and go home. I hope you enjoyed .
This is my lunch
And below it is
The table I sat at.

11. Hello, Valery

Thank you so much for sending me your slide. I loved to
hear from you. My mom loves to make pasta salad. I read
that you liked pasta. It has pasta, meat, cheese, and
pepper. I also like to draw. If you draw you could maybe
send some pictures. Speaking of food, we had a great
lunch today. I sat with my friends. My best friends are
Hailee and Bella and Ethan. I love my class. I am a safety
portal, so I have to get up at 6:00. What time do you get
up. Also safety patrol is when we protect kids from hurting
them selves. Hailee and Bella are also safety patrol. Ethen
is news crew. Each morning we watch the news. It tells us
the things we need to know.
From, Kayla
This is a picture of me at lunch. The
one bag has peperoni in it. The red
this is cheese. The other bag has fruit
in it. The juice is kiwi. I also have
gummies in it and the last two things
is a cookie called a Oreo and Ritz bits
a type od cookie.

12. Michael Brandenburg OUR SCHOOL DAY

Hi Eveline,
This is Michael I also love gaming and art. I’ve never heard of Tony
Rayt but, it sounds like good music. I am going to tell you about our
normal school day. First we drive to school in our cars. We get
dropped off at the front of the school where the carline is. Also
people can ride on the bus. I don’t know if you have busses but, the
are basically just long yellow cars. When we get to school we start
our morning work. The teacher Mrs. Roche, writes a sentence on
the white board that we need to correct, because she purposely
makes mistake so that we have to fix it. Then, the school news
starts. I'm in the news crew. After the morning news we correct the
sentences with the teacher. then, we form a circle on the carpet
and talk for about 15-20 minutes. Then, we do math. After that, we
go to lunch. Todays lunch was chicken nuggets or tacos we go back
to the class room and read. Then, we do our center work after that
write our homework down and pack and stack.We go to related
arts. On Mondays its music. After music we go back to the class
room and line up to go home. That’s how our normal day goes.
Hope that you writ write back about you school day.

13. Dear Danil,

I really enjoyed learning about your hobbies and what you
like to do. I really love my school, my mother is even the art
teacher here at Vineyards Elementary School. What time does
your school start what does it end. Like you said in your letter
you have a big family, I do too! I have a mother, a father, two
older brothers named Brooks and Drew, and a black fluffy cat
named Coco. What do you eat for lunch each school day? I bet
what we eat is very different. Once in school we did an
experiment and we put some American candy in water and
after a while it grew! The candy we used is called gummy bears.
What type of things do you do in school. I can’t wait to hear
back to from you!
From, Mollie

14. My School Day

Hi Vanya I liked your slide, also I like the color red. I’ll show you how my
school day goes. First, I wake up to go to school at about 7:20. How
about you? I go to school in my car, but I go home in my yellow bus . My
school day is seven hours, but it feels shorter. In the morning we usually
do math and science. I like science and math. I like science because of
the experiments we do. I also like math because I just like measuring
stuff. Later we go to lunch and have recess. At last my favorite part of
the day recess. We have a basketball court. It has four hoops. A grass
court where I play infected or soccer. Then there is a playground where
mostly everyone plays infected when we come back we read all
together. After that we do centers .In related arts we have technology,
P.E( physical education) , music and, art. I am not sure if you have this so
I will tell you about it. It is something where we go every day to learn
stuff. They are just like classes based on the name.
Sincerely, Yonis
I am here eating chicken nuggets, chocolate milk,
and, juice. In the cafeteria.

15. My School Day

Hi Emil,
I am here to teach you about my school day in U.S.A, before we get to that I have to say thank you for making the slide
for me to read and I enjoyed it. I get to school at 7:50 on the bus, and then by the time I get to school it is usually 8:05.
My school day is about 7 hours long but it feel's like 4. In school I like to do math because I am vary fluent at it. At related
art like music and P.E and tech, I like music the most. At lunch I eat the school lunch it is actually good sometimes if you
try it, the best thing is there French fries. We have recess witch is around 15 min. at the most it is a time we can have to
have fun at school. The most exiting time of the day is coming to school and saying hello and getting ready for the day.
When the day is over I go to a camp called sports club and we get to play lots of sports and fun games like
soccer(football) and basketball and American football.
My School Day
Eating lunch
Sincerely Phillip Hajjar
at our Garage
Me at lunch table
This is me on the bus with
my friends
At dare a
class to
stop bad
things like

16. School Days

Dear Nikita,
I really enjoyed learning about you and your hobbies! I really didn’t know there was such thing
as Greek-Roman wrestling but it sounds really cool. Anyway, our school day here in Florida starts at
8:20 but we are supposed to be here before that so we have time to complete assignments. Our
school day is 6 hours and 25 minutes long. We have a lot of things to do throughout the day! In the
morning, some kids get here by bus. A bus is a long, yellow vehicle that transports children to
school. Students can also get to school by car. In my class, my favorite subject is Science because we
get to make experiments! In my class, we do a lot of those! At school we have Physical Education,
Art, Music and Technology. My favorite is Art because I love to draw. Physical Ed. consists of running
laps and playing workout games. Sometimes, it’s fun to play! Before related arts, we have lunch at
11:10. I usually have chicken sandwiches and pizza. After lunch we have recess. Recess is a time
where we can play games outside for 15 minutes. Some kids play tag and I join them sometimes. It is
super fun! But my favorite part of the school day has to be lunch because I see many of my old
friends in other classes. I hope that you liked to learn about my school days!
Science experiment with
Me in the cafeteria with my friends

17. School

Dear Denis,
I loved hearing about your mom and dad. I am sure their job is so
exciting. I was really wondering what time you get up for school. I have to
get up at around 6:00 for my safety patrol job. I have to get to my job in time
for the bell to ring. This month I am watching over the kindergarteners.
Since I have to get to school so early I cannot ride the school bus to school. I
have to ride to school with my mom or dad, depending on what day. When I
get to school and I see that we are writing or doing math I get all giddy. I
love writing because you get to express yourself in many ways. I love math
because it is challenging and you have to think before you answer. What is
your favorite subject? Once we are in class for a while we go to lunch. I
usually have turkey, fruit and a few other snacks. After lunch we go back to
our classroom and read a book. We are reading the book, “A View From
Saturday.” A little while after that we going to specials, or related arts. After
that we stack our chairs and pack up our book bags. Once we get out of the
classroom we get in line and we all go on our bus.
Sincerely, Hailee
This is me at lunch. Here I am eating turkey, snacks, goldfish and
some fruit.

18. Dear Danil,

I am so glad to meet you, and learn about you! It is so cool learning about
someone from a different country! I would like to share my school day with
you. First I get up around 6:50am and get ready for school. I get dressed, eat
breakfast, and make my lunch. After that I get on my school bus that takes me
to school. A school bus is a large vehicle that takes many students to school.
When the school bus arrives at school, I get off and head to my classroom.
When I get into the classroom, I sit down and do my morning work. When I am
done with it, my classmates and I correct it and we find our mistakes. After that
we do some math, reading, writing, and some science. My favorite is math
because I am vary good at it. When we are done with that, we go to lunch. I
bring my lunch from home because the lunch at school is disgusting. (it is very
bad food) I have some fruit, meat, a drink, and some chips. After we are done
with lunch, we go outside to recess. Recess is a 15 minute free time where you
can do anything you want outside. When recess is over, we go back to our
classroom. We usually read a book and then go to centers. When I am done
with centers, I read a book or to unfinished work. Around 1:40pm we go to
related arts. We have music, art, technology (computers), and physical
education. Each day we go to a different one. We go back to our classroom
around 2:30pm. When we get back to the classroom we pack up and go home.
My Lunch

19. A Day in My School

Dear Sofia Onipko,
I am honored to meet you. In my free time, I like to draw and read too! I wish I had told you more about my
normal school day. School starts at 8:25 but I leave my house at 7:45. I get dropped off and begin heading to my
classroom. The first thing we do is do our morning work, which consists of fixing grammar mistakes and a couple
brainteasers. The brainteasers are plexers and dooriddles. A plexer is a type of brainteaser that is based on
wordplay. The dooriddle is just a riddle that uses prefixes and affixes in an elaborate poem. The goal is to figure
out what the topic is. There is also an adage or proverb and a quote. We are supposed to figure out the meaning
of the adage, or saying, and figure out the meaning of the quote and compare it to our lives. Usually, after fifteen
minutes of morning work, we check it together. But, I wish it was a bit easier! After checking our morning work,
we go down onto the floor and sit in a circle. At that time, we tell a little bit about our selves, and our teacher,
Mrs. Roche, tells us that day’s highlights. We get off the floor and go back to our tiny desks. Our desks are a bit
cramped, so I have to put some of my stuff on the floor. I hope you have more spacious desks! After going back
to our desks, we begin our mathematics lesson. The first part is just a jumble of simple math problems. The
second part is more math problems that are more tricky and time cons, but there are only 5. Sometimes there is
a 3 part, which is our teacher giving us a short lesson on something we need to work on. Right now, we are
adding and subtracting fractions, but I feel like I have got it mastered.
Continued on the next two slides

20. (Continuation)

After our mathematics session, we begin science. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to do
science. In science, we learn about sound, the human body, or something else. Right now, in science,
we are learning about the human body. We are supposed to make a game that teaches about the
human body. Different people get to teach about different systems of the body. I am supposed to make
the skeletal system game. We have 15 minutes of that, and then we line up for lunch. I bring my own
lunch, because I believe the lunch they serve at school is disgusting. Today, I had soup in a thermos. I
put it in a thermos to keep it warm. When we finish eating our lunch, we go to recess. Recess is the
time that we get to play and relax. We have 15 minutes of that, and go back to the classroom.
Lunch Time!

21. (Continuation of continuation)

When we are done with recess, we go back to the classroom. When we get back into the classroom, we are all sweating, so
we read a book. When we finish reading, we go to centers. During centers, we do English/Reading related activities. Each day,
we do a different activity at centers. Near the end of center time, we write down our homework. We don’t have much
homework, but some people still manage not to do it! Then we go to related arts, which is just different subjects like art or
technology. I hate PE the most.
Sincerely, Justin Wang

22. Our School Day

Dear Vlad,
Its nice to meet you. I also like musical instruments. I like the drums. I am
going to tell you about our school routine. We usually wake up at 7:00am. I
get to school by getting dropped off by car. We don’t wear what we want,
we have to wear uniforms. Uniforms are clothes that you have to wear
(with collars and buttons). We start our day off with morning work.
Morning work is work that you start with when you get to school. Some
people in our class does safety patrol. Safety patrol is a program that 5 th
graders do to make sure kids are safe and don’t hurt themselves. After
morning work, we form a circle on the floor for 15-20 min and talk about
what we do over the weekend. When we finished circle, Everyone has to go
to their seats and get ready for math. After math we work on science. In
science, my group and I are working on the human body. We have to make
notes about the words you are given. Mine were Bladder, Kidney, and
intestine. It’s a really interesting project. When the clock struck 11:00AM
and it was time to go to lunch. After eating we went outside to play. Today
we played on the soccer field. I played soccer outside. We came back to
class and read a book called A View From Saturday. When we finished
reading a couple of pages. Then we went to the computer lab. After the
computer lab we went to related arts. Today we had music. After music we
got ready to leave. I have to wait for my car. Well that is my school day see
Sincerely Ezra Bershadski

23. My school day

Hello Polina, I loved hearing about you and what you are like.
During my school day we do a lot of things. First off, it starts at 8:25
and usually, I wake up at 6:00-6:30 to get ready for school. I really just
want some free time to myself before school. School usually lasts
about 7 hours (8:25 to 2:50). After school, I sometimes go home in a
car but most of the time I go to a afterschool program (vineyards park
or sports club). In school, I don’t really have a favorite subject but my
favorite books are diary of a wimpy kid and harry potter. I also love
Pokémon and any kind of sport. We have P.E. on Thursday and Friday,
tech on Wednesday music on Monday and art on Tues. By the way,
those are classes we call related arts. At lunch, I eat a sandwich, an
apple, some cookies some crackers and water. During a 10 to 15
minute recess and I
usually play infected, a tagging game, basketball, and football, as we
say soccer. I really don’t have a favorite part of school. I really would
like to hear about your school day.

24. My Normal School Day

Hey Olga, I really enjoyed learning about you! We have things in common, I like to listen to music, and relax a lot. But I am going to tell
you about how I get ready for school, and I what I do when I am at school. So first I wake up at 6:50 am to get ready for school. Once I get
up I eat my breakfeast. My breakfeast is usually cereal. After that I go to my room and change into my uniform. The type of uniform I
wear is a colored collared shirt with a navy blue or cacti skirt. Then I put on my shoes, brush my teeth, do something to my hair, then
pack my backpack. After all that is done I get in the car usually at 7:30 and leave for school. School is about 8 hours long which is to long
for me. Once I get to school I do my morning work. It’s called Divergent Thinking. We have to do a plexer, dooriddle, adage, and a famous
quote. Once everyone is done with that we check it with green pens because our teachers favorite color is green. After that we go to
circle and pick a topic and say a word thought about. After that we do math which is a 4 square math thing we do. When one person
finishes it they go up to the teacher to see if the answers are correct and if all of their answers are correct they can check someone else.
Once math is done we move on to science. Usually when we are in the middle of science we go to lunch. In this picture I am eating my
lunch. I am eating a sandwich with ham and mayonnaise with green grapes, doritos which are a type of chip
cookies, and a drink. After lunch we go to recess. Recess is where we go to a certain area like the
playground, basketball court, or the grass field and we do whatever we want to do there. After we were
were done with recess we went back to the classroom and read a chapter book. When finished the chapter
we started our centers. We have social studies, reading, computers, mountain language, and USA weekly. After that we go to Related Arts
which is technology, music, pe, and art. When that is over we come back to the classroom pack up, and stack our chairs. Then I go home
on the bus. Our bus which is a long four wheeled vehicle that is yellow with 11 seats in each row. That is how I go home. Hope to get
back to you soon, Annie.

25. Dear Nastia,

It was wonderful to here from you and learn about you. I can’t wait to be E-pals with you. You are
already getting the hang of our language. How long have you been studying it? I have the feeling
that our cultures and school days are very different. That is what is exiting. I am going to tell you
about my school day. In the morning I get ready and eat breakfast. As you my already see, we have
school uniforms, were we have to wear a collar shirt with shorts or pant, or skirts for the girls. A
typical breakfast for me can be a lot of things. I really enjoy eating cereal with fruit in the morning.
Cereal is toasted, shaped, and cut pieces of bread that you put in a bowl and pore milk into. Then
you eat it with a spoon. Then when my sister and I are both ready and have eaten breakfast, my
mom drives us to school in her car. When I get there and I am in my classroom I do my “ morning
work” when I am doing that I must correct a sentence that has many mistakes, including grammar,
spelling, and punctuation mistakes. In the morning at school I even get to go to a room in the school
library and broadcast out to the school. then I come back to the class to finish " morning work".
After we are done with that we check it. Then we came together on the floor in the front of the
room to talk and listen. Next we get started on the subjects. First is math, then science, lastly is
reading and language arts. I am assuming that you know most of those subjects. But I am not sure
that you know what language arts is. It is when we learn English, just like you. I have to admit that
English is probably one of the most difficult languages to learn. As you can see, even we have room
for improvement. Back to the schedule, in between science and reading and language arts we have
lunch and recess. I believe that you know what lunch is, and recess is a time when we get to go
outside and play and talk with you friends. The most popular games are basketball, infected ( a
version of tag), and soccer, which I think is called football were you live. After reading and language
arts we usually have centers. Centers are when our assigned groups disperse and do the activity
designated for us for the day. Sometimes it is social studies, language arts, or something else topic
wise. After centers we go to related arts. There are four related art classes, music, P.E., art, and
computers. P.E. stands for physical education. in P.E. we practice sports and athletic skills. After
related arts we come back to class, get packed up, then head out to either car, bus, or after school.
My mom picks me up shortly after.
My Lunch
(from left to right)
-chocolate milk
-chettoes( chips
covered in chesse
- Twix and kit-kat
( chocolate coverd
-Grapes (fruit)
- cereal bar ( fruit
goo with bread
around it)
-chesse casidia
(tortia bread with
melted chesse

26. Our School Day

Hi, Roman.
I did not know that you danced but I dance as well. I dance to Indian
music because my family is from India, but I am from here. Anyway, I am pretty
sure that you want know about my school day. I wake up every morning at 6:30.
I catch the bus to go to school. (The bus comes to our street.) When we get to
school I unpack my backpack and start Caught’Ya which is when we have to
correct a sentence. Then, I do Divergent Thinking which is a plexer (which is a
play with words), a Dooriddle (which is a riddle), a Adage or Proverb (a saying),
and a Quote or Value (which is a saying said by someone). After, we finish that
we check it with our green pens. We go to circle and choose a topic to talk about
and then we read the Daily Journal (it is what did from the day before) and the
Figurative Language Board (which consists of metaphors, similes, idioms,
alliterations, onomatopoeia, personification, hyperbole, analogy). Then we do
math and science. We go to lunch and recess (which is a time that we play
outside for 15 minutes after lunch). Then we come back to class and read our
chapter book together. Then we do reading and writing and go to related arts
(which is music, art, P.E. and technology). Then we come back to class and go
This is me with my friends at lunch

27. Greetings Arina

Thank you so much for complementing my name. I also
think you have a beautiful name. I was wondering what
time you get up to go to your school I get up at 6:00.
What do you normally eat on daily basis? Could you
possibly send some pictures of drawings I would love to
see them! I also forgot to mention how beautiful your
dress is! I have a cat now because sadly my dog died. Do
you ride buses or cars to school my buses are yellow? I
have learned that you like orange juice I do as well but my
all time favorite drink especially around the holidays is hot
chocolate with marshmallows. Also my dream is to
someday go to London and visit every trademark there.
Also to go to a great collage.
With much love, Bella
This is my lunch it
contains fruit, snacks,
chips, yogurt, turkey,
juice, and a
homemade rice
krispes. (Which is
marshmallows and
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