Mogulistan midd. XIV- beg. XVI cent.
Emir Timur (1336-1405)

Mogulistan and Timur

1. Mogulistan midd. XIV- beg. XVI cent.


By the middle of the 14th century Chagatai ulus
disintegrated. In the eastern part of this ulus
Moghulistan was created. At the same time, in the
West part of Chagatai ulus the Timurid Empire was
formed. Emir Puladči from the Dulat tribe ruled in


Almalyk was the capital Mogulistan. Puladči had no
right to be a ruler, and that is why in 1348 he elected
a descendant of Chagatai Tughlugh Timur as the
ruler. But in fact, all power was concentrated in the
hands of the Puladči. His goal was to make
Moghulistan independent from Transoxiana.


Ethnic composition in Mogulistan
Mostly members of chingizids were khans in
mogulistan. In the middle of the 14th century the
Dulats, Kanly, Uysuns, Barlas and other tribes lived
in Zhetysu.


Internal and external situation
Tughlugh Timur developed internal situation in
Mogulistan. Islam was proclaimed as an official
religion. In external policy he tried to restore his
power in Middle Asia. In 1360-61 he twice made a
campaign to Transoxiana. As a result, he gained a


After these wars Tughlugh Timur died. Ilyas Khoja
became the khan. 22 June, 1365, Batpakty (dirty)
battle took place near Tashkent between Emir Timur
and Ilyas Khoja. Each army lost 10000 soldiers.
Ilyas Khoja won.
In 1462, Mogulistan is waning because of the
internicine wars. Abdurashid Khan was the last
Khan of Mogulistan. The territory of Zhetysu has
moved away from Mogulistan to the Kazakh

7. Emir Timur (1336-1405)


Emir Timur was from a
Mongolian tribe Barlas,
founder of the Timurid
Empire, which ruled South
Asia for centuries. In 1370 he
captured the power in
Transoxiana where he ruled
about 35 years.


Military campaigns
Emir Timur called his state
Before capturing the Golden
Horde, Timur decided to
conquer its neighbor – the
White Horde. The khan of the
White Horde Tokhtamysh
escaped to Timur’s side.


Military campaigns
Thanks to Tokhtamysh, Timur was
able to conquer the White Horde, in
which Urus-Khan with his sons were
rules. After the death of Urus-Khan,
Tokhtamysh became the ruler of the
White Horde. After becoming ruler,
Tokhtamysh turned into an enemy of
Timur. In 1395, in a battle Timur
defeated Tokhtamysh’s army. The
Golden Horde and the White Horde
fell into collapse.


Emir Timur made several military
campaigns to Mogulistan. In 137090 years he completely capture
Mogulistan. After each battle with
Mogulistan Timur was getting the
spoils of war (воен.добыча) and
was sending them to Transoxiana.
Only the death of Timur in 1405 in
Otrar stopped military actions on
the territory of Kazakhstan.
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