Job Hunting
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Job Hunting

1. Job Hunting

Anastasia Zusko



When searching for a job is very important to find a position that will really interest
you and will you arrange in the conditions of the employer. It is also important to
stand out among other competitors and to attract the attention of the employer.
Here are some tips:
1.Write a cover letter. In detail, describe your skills, Express mail, or phone number
that you could contact;
2. A cover letter, attach CV. Interestingly decorated CV gives more chances to be
invited for an interview;
3.When you have an interview try not to worry, not to be rude, and to answer as
honestly as possible. Be prepared for trick questions.
Good luck!




CV is a written overview of person
experience and other qualifications for
employment. This is necessary in order
to make the employer interested in
you and stand out among other
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