Jewelry Company -INVALUABLE
Competitive advantages
Potential market
The procedure for the implementation of sales, marketing rationale guarantee products / services
Staff in the jewelry salon

Jewelry сompany - INVALUABLE

1. Jewelry Company -INVALUABLE

Pavlova Yana
4 –DD-43


A part of you…
INVALUABLE is confirmed fine jewelry market where you can buy directly from
designers and manufacturers who supply large retail chains. Our team is based in the
United States, New York -full committed to bringing transparency in the opaque
world of Fine Jewelry Arts;


Our company is engaged in the creation of jewelry design and manufacturing
yuvilirnyh jewelry.
The company cooperates with the leading diamond mining holdings. The team of
professional staff and production allow you to create your own exclusive jewelry
collections. Implemented by manufacturing products to order. Our masters skillfully
emphasize the uniqueness of the material, the color and shine of the stones, clean
lines, transforming the ordinary at first glance the product in real works of art that
hold the story, emotions and feelings.

4. Competitive advantages

Large range of luxury
jewelry and exclusive
models. Each piece of
jewelry can really be
called elite, as the wizard
approach to production
models with the
responsibility and at the
same time using high
quality raw materials.
Favorable prices from
Special offers, promotions
and discounts for regular
Covered by the warranty.
After a few years, even
ten years later purchased
products will delight you
with its beauty, while
maintaining the original

5. Potential market

above all it is the
usual buyers as the
middle and upper

6. The procedure for the implementation of sales, marketing rationale guarantee products / services

Sale of jewelry will be
carried out directly to
consumers or through
our official website
where you can order
on-line product.
Directly buyer will
work Sales, which
It helps the customer
choose the decoration,
choose the desired
size and
consult it on all issues.

7. Staff in the jewelry salon

One of the main tools to
increase the profitability
of the company is
customer-oriented and
well-trained sales staff,
which not only creates
an atmosphere of
friendliness, comfort for
visitors, but also
professionally serves
customers through
impeccable knowledge
of sales techniques and
features provided in the
salon products.


Our sales consultants regularly undergo training and product
merchandising, and directly from the manufacturer. Training is
conducted on the basis of our salons, in manufacturing and in the
representation of the manufacturer. Upon completion of the
course, participants are certified and obtained corresponding
Thanks so constructed education system, our company grows
real professionals who really care about the customer and
genuinely want to help him.
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