My future profession pharmacist


My future profession


I want to choose a profession as a pharmacist. Pharmacist - is a
specialist in the field of manufacturing, research and sale of
He knows how these or other tablets, potions and powders operate, at
what doses they are recommended for various diseases.


This profession is well in demand. Pharmacists can work in pharmacies,
laboratories, research institutes, warehouses of medicines.


The pharmacist should have a wonderful memory when creating
medicines. In addition, he must have a good mindset, a high degree of
concentration and a sense of responsibility.


Negative points:
-The work is mostly standing, so the legs suffer;
-A big risk to get infected from visitors;
-Work with people, so you need to have the skills of a psychologist and a
sense of humor.
Positive points:
-The work is interesting and gives the potential for development;
-Workers of this industry are always needed;
-Work in comfortable conditions and cleanliness.
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