Designer. Donatella Versace
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Designer. Donatella Versace

1. Designer. Donatella Versace

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In fact, the designer - a
vast profession, which
includes the duty of the artistdesigner and designer.


Donatella was born in the Italian town of Reggio
Calabria,she was the youngest of four children in the
Thanks brother, associated with the fashion
houseVersace, Donatella plunged into the fashion
world. In 1995,Gianni began
producing perfume dedicated to her, BlondeGianni also given the right to
distribute Donatella Versusspirits


Age Donatella Versace is already considerable - 61 year.
She was born in 1955 in a small Italian town. About
Donatella glory, unlike his brother Gianni, not
dreaming. And so, when his brother founded his
fashion house, she did not even think to join him, and
was admitted to the University on the faculty of Italian
literature. But later, she still joined the business, and
his brother eventually became the PR-manager of the
company. And after the death of Gianni Versace,
Donatella has become fashionable to manage the house
and again he was able to elevate. For those who are
interested, the growth of Donatella Versace is 164 cm,
weight - 46 kilograms


Donatella was the first who began to use a variety ofcelebrities on the
catwalk to show the world your clothesinstead of
using unknown models. The second was SantoVersace, Donatella's
brother, who is a famous fashion designer and owner of «Finanziaria
Versace», which is oneof the branches of the house Versace.
After just three months after his brother's death, Donatella has released his
first collection of Versace main line, which took quite restrained, that did
not bother the energetic Italian. She continued to work hard, managing to
make all the running earlier collections and at the same time seek their own
style. In an interview, Donatella said: "On my collections poorly responded,
but I always knew that I could not just continue what I did Gianni. To stay
on the crest, you need to look for something new. " Donatella made the new
model more feminine clothes, comfortable and less sexually aggressive,
while remaining within the style created once Gianni - sensuality and luxury
remained unchanged components recognizable style of Versace.


In 2010, for his work «Do Something With Style Award»
she received «VH1 Do Something Awards». She was
nominated for her, for what has enabled children to
create art, they created a bag of braided rug whose
income went to the «Starlight and the ONE
Foundations». Showing ceremony conducted by «VH1»,
dedicated to people who want to inspire more young


Before she began to do plastic surgery, it looked pretty
good. In appearance of women have never had a special
beauty, but her face was a kind of "spice" that makes it
quite attractive. Donatella is always different from the
rather large nose, so even with a small hump and massive
chin.The two parts did not give her the face of femininity,
but rather deprived her of this. But at the same time,
thanks to its natural charm, a young Donatella Versace
has always stood out from the crowd. Moreover, women
are beautiful dignity expressive eyes rich hazel color, the
look which can not remain indifferent. In general, it is
enough one look at a photo of Donatella Versace in his
youth, to understand that a person is smart and creative in
front of you, for only such people can be enchanting, even
if the mother-nature has deprived of their beauty.



Trendsetter and one of the most popular designers of our time
freely experimented on himself with the help of plastic
surgery. Donatella has long had time to get the "title" of the
victim of plastic surgery. That this woman is one of the first to
come to mind when talking about a completely unsuccessful
operations. Donatella Versace, of course, doing Botox
injections themselves. But this - the smallest and most
insignificant part of its transformation. In addition, Botox has
long been the tool, which is used by almost all celebrities,
once the notice wrinkles on your face. Besides Donatella
resorted to rhinoplasty, trying to correct the shape of your
nose. That she was able to, although we can not say that the
nose has changed for the better. And the last link in the list
operation Donatella Versace - a change in the shape of lips.
Perhaps the worst of its plastic, because Donatella lips were
naturally beautiful and that she did himself with the help of
surgery, does not look particularly attractive. But, despite the
fact that Donatella Versace before surgery looked much more
attractive than it is now, and age still prevails, this woman
remains popular throughout the world thanks to his talent
and charm that simply can not be denied.



In addition to creating fashionable clothing collections at
the beginning of the two thousandth Donatella
Versace alsofascinated by other kind of activity. During
this period, she began to invest a lot of money in
the creation and development of resorts for a
privileged public. For example,
in "Palazzo Versace" originated in Australia, Dubai
andsome other prestigious resort
areas. Currently, Donatella Versace is one of the key
figures in the fashion empire, as well as one of the most
popular designers in the world.

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