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Uses of the internet in our daily life


St. Andrew the First-Called
Georgian university
of the patriarchate of Georgia
Uses of the Internet in our daily Life
Lecturer : Tamar Dundua
Student: Elene Orjonikidze


When the Internet was
invented ?
The history of the Internet begins
with the development of
electronic computers in the
Robert Taylor and Lawrence Roberts were the first people who
created this network


What role the Internet has
acquired in the 21st century?
Nowadays the global network of computers
has changed our lives, there are many
Productive things you can do on the Internet.
So, Let’s start to know one by one what role
Internet is playing in our lives? How is the
Internet affecting our life? What INTERNET
activities we are doing daily?


Uses of internet in Students daily life, also use of internet
teaching and sharing knowledge with others
• Students using the internet to learn new skeals and even acquire degrees
in professional online courses. Similarly teachers are using the internet
for teaching and sharing their knowledge and experience with the world
Uses of internet everyday politics (Government policies
and schemes are easily accessible by the use of internet)
Internet is a great tool for politicians to connect with people. The uses of Internet are not
only in personal and business life but it is common now in politics. Politicians are using
various methods to influence people and youth on social media to favor their party. They
are also using it to criticize other political parties. It is also good for people to know
about the progress of ministers on a particular task.
Use of internet provide us quick and free communication
• The internet is undoubtedly the most effective and far, reaching communication tool we have at
present, communication on the internet is dree and fast. We all are connected with each other
on various computers and ip, skype. Chat messengers, social media is common for personal and
professional purposes.


Negative Effects Of Internet


According to The Washington
Post survey and its result,
about 70% of participants
replied that their relationships
got hurt as a consequence of
excessive Internet use. It is
believed that some people
who prefer online chatting
because it somehow separates
them from the real world.


1. News Updates
2. Instant
3. Peace of Mind
4. Social
5. Shopping
6. Book Tickets
7. Match Score
8. Learning
9. Find room for
11. Search Places
12. Business
13. Freelancing

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