Education in France
Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education
Types of Higher Education in France
school uniform in france
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Education in France

1. Education in France

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Education in
France is
mandatory from 6
to 18 years. The
basic principles of
French education:
the freedom of
teaching (public
and private
institutions), the free
education, the
neutrality of

3. Primary education

Primary education consists of
two stages: kindergarten and
primary school. Going to
kindergarten is not necessary,
but to date almost 100% of
children aged 3 to 5 years are
studying in kindergarten

4. Secondary education

Secondary education is divided into two levels
(college and lyceum) and lasts seven years.
After primary school you going to colleges in
11 year, college is considered the first stage of
secondary education. Education in the
college in France is mandatory, the study is
designed for 4 years (from 6 to 3 grade). In
college, classes are counted in reverse order:
the student enters the sixth grade, after four
years he completes the third

5. Higher education

Higher education is available only with a bachelor's
degree. The system of higher education in France is
distinguished by a great variety of universities and
proposed disciplines.
System have some directions of education:
•life together
•knowledge of the world
•art education


7. Types of Higher Education in France

• 1) Short higher education. Education
lasts two to three years, after which
graduates receive a DUT or BTS. This
kind of higher education is prepared
mainly by specialists in the field of
industry or in the service sector.
• 2) Long-term higher education. This
type of higher education is given in
universities and higher schools


Tolerance here is given great attention. All
educational sites (schools, museums,
universities) are fully equipped for disabled
people and people with disabilities

9. school uniform in france

• In France, a
existed only in
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