“to be”
Present Simple
Present Simple I, you, we, they
Present Simple he,she,it
Past Simple was/were
Past Simple
Present Cont.
To be going to
Would like to
Have/has got
Present Perfect
Past Simple and Present Perf
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Grammar “to be”

1. Grammar

2. “to be”

To talk about:
- Who a person/object is
- Where it is
- People’s jobs
- Age
- Prices….
- Everywhere where we don’t have a verb
in the sentence!

3. Structure

4. Present Simple

Facts in present time
About things which are always true

5. Present Simple I, you, we, they

6. Present Simple he,she,it

7. Past Simple was/were

• States in the past (am,is/are – was/were)

8. Past Simple

• Use PS to talk about things which started
in the past and finished in the past

9. Present Cont.

• To talk about smth happening now/at this

10. To be going to

• Talk about plans

11. Would like to

• To talk about what you want but have no

12. Have/has got

• Talk about possession

13. Present Perfect

• Talk about past experiences in your life

14. Past Simple and Present Perf

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