Restaurant in Moscow
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Restaurant in Moscow

1. Restaurant in Moscow

Restaurant in
White Rabbit


White Rabbit restaurant is a great
opportunity to enjoy magnificent views
of Moscow from a bird's eye view.
Here, watching the old capital, you
can relax from the heart, relaxing after
the noisy bustle and everyday worries.
The Suite of institutions is the sight of
an amazing design solutions in fusion
style. A magnificent combination of an
ancient fireplace and carved furniture,
an active bar in the center of the main
hall and a stunning view of the
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and
the Ministry of foreign Affairs, a
Garden ring, a New Arbat and the
Moscow river will make your stay in
the White Rabbit truly unforgettable.
Magnificent service and reasonable prices will be pleasant to any, even to the most
experienced client. The interior space of the White Rabbit restaurant is divided into three
parts. Multi-level stage lighting and romantic shadows create a mysterious atmosphere,
giving guests the feeling of light flirting and waiting for something beautiful. Charming view
environment, pleasant music that flows like a wall, as well as real home comfort and
convenience will allow you to enjoy every minute of your stay at the White Rabbit.



The white rabbit is not the only unique style and the opportunity to organize a decent vacation
with friends, family or colleagues at work. Among the metropolitan public the restaurant is known
primarily for its group, it is represented by the chef Konstantin Ivlev. The menu of the institution is
a unique combination of European and juicy Russian dishes, which can pleasantly surprise even
those who saw gourmet types. A variety of culinary masterpieces and excellent quality of their
performance will forever be remembered to you and will attract you here again and again.
Restaurant "White Rabbit" is always ready to present its services with the most exotic recipes.
Unrivaled oysters or carpaccio from the back of Mediterranean sea bass, flavored with spicy oil
or Russian sashimi with horseradish sauce with red caviar and smoked salmon, will present to
fans of fish and seafood the most unforgettable impressions. The wine card "White Rabbit" is a
fascinating round-the-world trip, in which you are accompanied by a professional sommelier
Dmitry Bazashvili. It is impossible to ask new directions in the mixology of various drinks and
elite cocktails. And, of course, a wide selection of hookahs will fill the selected drinks with
mysterious oriental aromas.


Seasonal local products,
author's recipes and
subtly thought-out
combinations are
distinctive features of the
chef's kitchen. White
rabbit of Vladimir Mukhin.
Following the rules of
high gastronomy,
Vladimir every season
opens tasting sets, based
on new products, ideas,
combinations of tastes.


Qualitative classics and
creative interpretations
formed the basis of the
White Rabbit cocktail
card. Cocktails with
seasonal fruits and
berries, homemade
syrups and tinctures,
unique national drinks.


In 2017, White Rabbit again
entered the top thirty of the best
restaurants in the world, taking
23rd place in the list of The
World's 50 Best Restaurants. The
flagship restaurant of the White
Rabbit Family holding
demonstrates the highest results
among Russian gastronomy - the
history of the rating, which is
annually compiled by the British
magazine The Restaurants and
the international The Diners Club
50 World's Best Restaurants
Academy. Recognition of experts,
three years in a row giving White
Rabbit this award, made the
restaurant the main gastronomic
attraction of the city.
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