New York
New York now
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New York

1. New York


2. New York now

• New York-the largest
metropolis in the United
States, located on the East
coast of the continent.
• It is the largest financial,
economic and trade center
of the planet, often called
the "capital of the world".
• Here is the headquarters of
the United Nations, the
famous new York stock
exchange and other
organizations of world
• .Also in this city there are
many attractions, and some
we will see now.


1. Manhattan
• Prestigious
administrative district of
new York, where the
main financial offices
and cultural institutions
of the city. To get around
it and stay in every
interesting place is not
enough and a week,
despite the relatively
small size of the area
• The island of Manhattan
was purchased by a
Dutch explorer Peter
Minuite from an Indian
tribe for $ 24.


2. Statue of liberty
• The most famous symbol of
the United States, a
monument that represents
the freedom and
independence of the state.
• The statue was presented to
America by the French and
originally served as a sign of
friendship between the
American and French
• The monument was
recognized as a monument of
world importance in 1984.


3. The Empire state building
The tallest building in the city (381 meters),
the third highest in the United States.
Skyscraper is a popular monument of new
York architecture, here first of all rush all
the guests of the city. The tower is used as
an office center for various companies,
more than 20 thousand people work here
every day. At the top there is a spire-TV
tower, which distributes TV and radio
signals of local channels throughout the


4. Broadway Street
Unusually long street
in Manhattan, which
stretches for 25 km and
It crosses almost all the
districts in the area. In
Broadway skyscrapers
are offices of the largest
American and
corporations, there is
also a well-known
stock exchange in new
York. Broadway crosses
the trendy SOHO
district, stretches to the
city Hall, reaches the
outskirts and leaves for
the outskirts of Albany.


5. Times square
The square, where you can
feel the spirit of the city, touch
its traditions and history.
The place was named due to
the newspaper "new York
times", which placed here his
office back in 1904.
Times Square is a territory
where there are famous
shops, cinemas, hotels,
restaurants (including the
legendary "Hard rock cafe"),
music halls.
The square is full of people 24
hours a day.


6. New York Central Park
The most popular and
picturesque new York
city Park, clamped
between 8th and 5th
Avenue. The Park
almost immediately
became a favorite place
of citizens for picnics,
walks, sports. Office
clerks are resting in
lunch break, mothers
with children recline
on the beautiful lawns
on the lake the boat
ride couples



10. 1

The island of Manhattan was purchased by
a Dutch explorer Peter Minuite from an
Indian tribe for $ 24.

11. 2

Until 1664, New York was called New Amsterdam.

12. 3

New York consists
of five districts:
the Bronx,
Brooklyn, Queens,
Manhattan and
Staten Island.

13. 4

Almost all bridges
and tunnels in New
York are paid.
Directions - $ 6,5.

14. 5

in New York wages from waiters are often not
at all, and they work exclusively for a tip.

15. 6

Every passerby in New York can become a
hero of the film. Every year more than 200
pictures are shot in the city.

16. 7

In New York,
about 25% of the
world's gold
bullion reserves
are stored.
They are at a depth of 24 meters under the
branch of the Federal Reserve Bank on Wall

17. 8

New York is called the Great Apple.
There are several versions of the
nickname. The most common is that black
jazzmen gave this name to New York.

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