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Welcome to New York


Добро пожаловать в Нью-Йорк



“There are
many apples on
the tree, but
only one Big
Apple”. The old
saying is very
true when we
talk about NewYork – America’s
Big Apple.
«На древе успеха много яблок, но если тебе удалось
завоевать Нью-Йорк, тебе досталось большое яблоко».


The millions of immigrants
who had to come to
America by sea were
welcomed by a very tall
woman. Her right arm was
holding a torch high in the
air. The woman is still
there looking out to the
sea. She is the Statue of
Liberty, one of the most
famous symbols of America.


Manhattan is
one of five
boroughs of
New York.
It is the
heart of New


The Big Apple’s mega star –
the Empire State Building
is the tallest skyscraper in
New York. Its name is
derived from
the nickname for New
York. The Empire State
Building is generally
thought of as
an American cultural icon.
It is designed in the
distinctive Art Deco style
and has been named as
one of the Seven Wonders
of the Modern World by
the American Society of
Civil Engineers.


Broadway is one of
the longest
avenues in
Manhattan. Its
length is over 25
km. It is the
oldest north–south
main thoroughfare
in New York City,
dating to the
first New
Amsterdam settle


Rockefeller Center is a
complex of
19 commercial buildings
covering 22 acres
(89,000 m2) between 48th
and 51st streets in New
York City, United States.
Built by the Rockefeller
family, it is located in the
center of Midtown
Manhattan, spanning the
area between Fifth
Avenue and Sixth Avenue.
It was declared a National
Historic Landmark in 1987.


One of the world’s
most extravagant
museums. Named
the Solomon R.
Gugenheim museum
in honor of its
founder the museum
is better known for
its amazing building.
It was designed by a
famous architect
Frank Lloid Wright.


Central Park is an urban park in the central part of
the borough of Manhattan, New York City. It was initially opened
in 1857, on 778 acres (315 ha) of city – owned land. Central Park
is the most visited urban park in the United States as well as one
of the most filmed locations in the world.




Answer the questions:
1.What is the heart of New York?
2.What building is the highest in New York?
3.What is the longest street?
4.What is the Big Apple’s mega star?
5.Who designed the Gugenheim museum?
6.What is the most visited park in New York?
7. What is the capital of the USA?
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