Celtic art
The settlements of the Celts
Celtic art
Modern Celtic peoples

Celtic art

1. Celtic art

is the art associated with the Celts who spoke the
Celtic languages in Western and Central Europe from prehistory through to the modern period
By Ksenia Filichkina from 10A

2. Celts

The Celts were in good health and stamina body. Celts
were similar to the current northern Europeans have
the luxury of gold hair, often painted them red tones.
The Celts were among
the first to shave off
their beards, but wore
very long whiskers.
His eyes were bright,
skin was rough .
Athletic had a strong,
equally by both men
and women, and had
an incredible physical

3. The settlements of the Celts

The Celts built a fortified settlement with stone
buildings surrounded by massive walls. They have
become a walled city and handicraft centers. It was the
development of agriculture and fisheries. Skillfully
treated metal.

4. Celtic art

Were saved geometric decorations, which are often
extremely stylised. Energetic circular forms, trickles
and spirals are characteristic. Much of the surviving
material is in precious metal, but apart from Pictish
stones and the Insular high crosses, large monumental
sculpture, even with decorative carving, possibly it was
originally common in wood. Celts were also able to
create developed musical instruments such as the
carnyx, these famous war trumpets used before the
battle to frighten the enemy.

5. Modern Celtic peoples

Cornish people
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