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The most unusual professions


By Alexey Kuzyakin
Group - 1SA1


Master of pedicure for cows
These are specialists who follow the hooves of cows. In Europe and America,
special teams of professionals monitor hoofs on elite farms. Experts say that poor
condition of hooves can badly affect the quantity and quality of milk, as well as
the reproductive function of cows.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Ball Picker
The responsibility of the pick-up is the selection of balls during the game of
golf, throughout the playing field and adjacent areas. Sometimes there are
incidents, when the ball flies into inaccessible places, and the player wants
to hit this ball.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Furniture tester
This person experiences furniture, beds, chairs, chairs for strength,
comfort and convenience.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Ants breeder
There are special ant farms, where ants are bred for medicine. The breeder finds in
nature the best specimens for breeding.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Smoother wrinkle
Such a profession is needed in shoe stores, its responsibilities are alignment
of folds on shoes, shoes, and other shoes.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Eggs Destoyer
This person at a confectionery factory separates egg yolks from proteins.
The process on which machines are simply incapable - only a person can
rightly and qualitatively break the egg, and separate the yolk from the
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Specialist in determining the sex of chickens
Such a person separates future chickens from future males every day. Here you have to do
everything manually, until all the processes on the farm can be automated. But the
definition of the future sex is a very important process that allows you to separate the
chickens that follow one farm from the males that follow the other farm.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Inspector of quality of dice
Even the slightest, microscopic flaw in the structure of the dice can distort
the results of the game and bring somebody an unreasonable fortune. As a
result, quality controllers who carefully examine cubes for physical or
geometric defects and are always in demand by serious manufacturers.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Guide to Toilets
This person is a civil servant in Japan.
He helps everyone who wants to find the nearest toilet in the city.
The services of such a guide cost about 4 cents.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


On the streets of Tokyo, you can meet people with signs "I'm listening to you."
For a small fee they are ready to just listen, nod, smile, and sometimes even
laugh. The only negative - these listeners do not give advice. But customers
can be sure that their experiences are not recognized by third parties.
It is quite easy to find such a specialist. Booths with listeners are located in the
busiest areas of the city.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Water slides tester
The worker checks the quality and comfort of the slide, which are in
the water park, and makes notes about their feelings.
© Alexey Kuzyakin


Hunter of the airport
This profession is available at the airport in Zurich.
These workers catch birds and animals that escaped from passengers.
© Alexey Kuzyakin
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