The most unusual school.
School of disobedience
Adventure school
School of harmony
Thank you for attention
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The most unusual school

1. The most unusual school.

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School of disobedience
Adventure school
School of harmony

3. School of disobedience

Why founded the School of Disobedience. Disobedience must be one of the central skills
taught в тоже время с math and reading.
The School of Disobedience offers* its students ideas and tools for making the world better.
The School of Disobedience teaches how to fight for the important causes. There are teachers
encourage* the students not to take their place in society and become successful cogs* in the
wheel – not to let the wheel spin them around as it wants without taking a look at what
they’re doing. Lets fight back!
offers*- предлагать

4. Adventure school

Adventure School is a primary school. We are located in Whitby
Opened in 1989, Adventure was named after one of the ships that Captain Cook used in his voyages of discovery. We
see learning as an adventure, so what better name could there be for a great school like ours.
This school has work to provide the best possible learning environment. We value all children as individuals and
cater for their particular learning styles.
We are proud of the Adventure learning community and hope you will join us as you child embarks on his or her
own voyage of discovery.

5. School of harmony

In 2005 our organization began as the "House of Harmony" in a little red house on Beaver
Drive. We started out with two music teachers giving lessons one night a week.
By 2008 we had grown to over 100 students and decided to move to the former Shady Spring
High School building. In 2009 we became a non-profit organization and changed our name to
School of Harmony.
In this our 12thyear we are so excited for what the future holds. We are revamping all of our
programs, offering a greater variety of classes than ever before, and can't wait to see where
the next 12 years take us!
To foster excellence in fine arts, to challenge students of every age and background; to
develop their talents, and abilities; to encourage them to find and enjoy their unique gifts and
to be responsive and a blessing to the greater community.


7. Thank you for attention

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