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Тravels Kazan

1. Тravels Kazan



Kazan is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan. In addition, it is
one of the leading cultural, economic and financial centers of Russia. The population
of Kazan is slightly more than 1.1 million people, but it is growing steadily, like the
population of other Russian megacities. The city is located on the area of 613 square
kilometers, which is also larger than many of the country's millionaires. Together with
the nearby suburbs and satellite cities, Kazan forms the Kazan urban agglomeration
with a population of 1.6 million people.
After the collapse of the USSR, Kazan became the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.
The city claims to be the tourist Mecca of Russia.


The visit of Kazan is worth at least due to
beautiful historical monuments, including the
Kazan Kremlin, listed as a UNESCO World
Heritage Site. Annually Kazan is visited by about 1
million people, which is quite good for a city with
the population of just over 1.1 million. The
concept of the third capital or the third city of
Russia is actively being discussed in Kazan. And
this has all the prerequisites, Kazan can quite
claim this status.
The best time to visit Kazan is spring and autumn.
During this time the city reveals itself in all its
glory. Summer is usually not too hot, but there are
exceptions. Winter is also not ferocious in terms
of frosts. The coldest month is January.


Kazan is connected with almost all major cities of the country. Problems to get
here should not arise. In Kazan there is an airport that can take international
flights. By the way, Kazan airport for several years won the title of the "Best
airport of the CIS countries". Kazan is connected to many cities of the CIS by
air communication, there are flights to Moscow (which just takes over an
hour), St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Tashkent, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Yerevan and
Kazan is one of the largest transport hubs on the Moscow-Ufa highway, and
also enters the transport corridor Europe-China. It takes 12 hours from Moscow
to Kazan by rail, and 36 hours from St. Petersburg .


Kazan's urban transport is represented by almost all types. The most popular among the
townspeople and guests of the city is the city bus, then the trolleybus, tram and metro (one
of the shortest in the world) are located in the rating. Bus routes are about 90 and they really
enjoy great popularity among the citizens, especially since the car park has recently been
updated. The fare in the city bus is 25 rubles, but the truckers are trying to raise the price for
the fare in the city bus to 25 rubles. There is a taxi in Kazan and the cost varies from 6 rubles
per kilometer and from 40 rubles per call. The upper price range is unlimited.


Kazan rightfully has the title of one of the
main tourist centers of the country. The city
has many historical monuments and
attractions of different eras. The most
famous and outstanding are:
The Kazan Kremlin is now the residence of
the president of Tatarstan, and earlier the
defensive fortress. The fortress existed from
the time the city was founded, but in the
modern form it appeared as a result of
rebuilding, which occurred in 1556 after the
destruction by the army of Ivan the Terrible.
In addition to the fortress itself, the Kazan
Kremlin also includes: The Annunciation
Cathedral, Süyümbike Tower - the famous
leaning tower, the Kul Sharif Mosque, the
Spasskaya Tower, the Resurrection Tower,
the Transfiguration Tower and a number of
other structures.


Kazan is worth visiting if you are interested in the history of Russia and
everything connected with it. During the construction of many
historical sights, interesting architectural solutions were used at the
junction of styles, mixing the eastern traditions of construction with
Western and primordially Russian. Lovers of recreation, which offers a
night city, also have something to do - all the same Kazan is a huge
metropolis, and night clubs, discos, restaurants are able to satisfy
anyone. But still, the trip to Kazan should take place under the aegis of
familiarizing with the history and sights of the past


The best souvenir from Kazan will be elements of national clothes or shoes, it's still the capital of
Tatarstan. In addition to this, you can bring decorations, ritual objects, beads, national food chak-chak and echpochmak as a souvenir. All this can be bought both in small souvenir shops,
and in boutiques (clothes or shoes from the Kazan masters) or in supermarkets. In the latter you
can bring national food in beautiful branded gift boxes. It is also worth paying attention to leather
boots, handmade toys and boots with a national ornament of the famous Kukmol factory.
Separately it is necessary to say about the famous cat-Kazan - the hero of many fairy tales and
legends, as well as the main character of the popular Russian art. Souvenirs with his image will
serve as an excellent gift.


Kazan is a very hospitable city, you will be
pleased with the numerous hotels,
campsites and other places where you
can spend the night or live some time.
Kazan is recognized as one of the safest
cities in the world. Security rules do not
differ from the rules of conduct in any
other large city. There are places where it
is better to go alone and not to walk in
the dark. When walking, do not take with
you a large sum of money, and
documents. You should be careful in
transport, in places of mass congestion it is possible to meet pocket thieves. But in
general, Kazan is a pleasant city in every
way, and its inhabitants are very


Kazan is a recognized center of health. Among its medical institutions are
the Interregional Clinical Diagnostic Center, the Republican Clinical
Hospital, the Clinical Oncology Center, the Republican AIDS Center, as well
as a network of private rooms and clinics.
Do not forget that in Kazan most of the people profess Islam, so all the rules
and laws of this religion are the strictest implementation!
Smoking is prohibited in public places
It is forbidden to drink alcohol in public places


Welcome to Kazan!
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