Diapositiva 2
Diapositiva 3
Diapositiva 4
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To be, he, she, they


He is Maluma.
Maluma is a famous Colombian Singer.
He is 20 years old.
He _______ young.
His real name ____________ Juan Fernando.

2. Diapositiva 2

She is Belinda.
She is a singer too.
She _____ from Mexico.
She _______ Malumas’s girlfriend.
She is ________ 30 years old.

3. Diapositiva 3

It is a cat.
It is white.
It _________ funny too.

4. Diapositiva 4

The are Maluma and Belinda.
They are singers.
They _______ famous.
Maluma _____ from Medellin
Colombia and Belinda ____
From Mexico.
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