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My sport idol


My sport idol.


• Cristiano
Ronaldo DOS
Santos Aveiro
footballer who
plays for Spanish
club "Real
Madrid" and the
national team


Lisbon "Sporting"
• Lisbon "sporting", the young footballer
made his debut at senior level in
2001-m to year. In one of the leaders
of Portuguese football, Cristiano
Ronaldo spent one season
2002/2003-second period. During this
time he took part in 31 matches and
scored 5 goals. After that, the young
player became part of the English
"Manchester United".


Manchester United.
• The home of football, a young Portuguese
spent six full seasons and has
considerably added in skill, and most
importantly physical strength. At the same
time the British have taught the player to
simulate at every opportunity. T-shirt "red
devils" on account of Cristiano Ronaldo
played 292 matches and scored 118 goals.
In Manchester attacking midfielder has
grown into an outstanding footballer, the
idol of millions of football fans.


Real Madrid.
• Before the season 2009/2010second period Ronaldo moved to
real Madrid for 80 million British
pounds, becoming the most
expensive player on the planet. In
Spain the player is playing the
fourth season and continues to
keep the brand. In the "creamy"
Cristiano spent 404 games and
scored 413 goals.


Portugal national team.
• In 2003, the year the debut of the
player in the main national team of
Portugal. Since then, Cristiano
Ronaldo constantly called to the
national team of the country, and in
his 32 years spent in the team more
than a hundred matches. To be
precise, 147 match in which he
scored 79 goals.


• List all team and individual
achievements player is not
possible, it will take too much
time. Suffice it to note that in the
Bank team's performances of
Cristiano Ronaldo have all of the
existing prizes and awards in
European football, except the
Europa League (in this
competition the player never


• Ronaldo is one of the
largest benefactors
among athletes. In total
Ronaldo has transferred
more than 10 million
euros to charity.


Personal life.
• Since 2010, maintained
relations with Russian
supermodel Irina Shayk. In
January 2015, the couple broke
up.17 Jun 2010 Ronaldo
became a father, his son
Cristiano Jr., born by a
surrogate mother.8 June 2017
he's on the West coast of the
United States gave birth to
twins, the children called Eva
and Matthew.


The end.
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