Big Ben
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Big Ben

1. Big Ben

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These clock tower of the Parliament of the United Kingdom is heard
all over the world. Microphones radio services the BBC transmit their
fight every hour. With the first stroke of big Ben in the night of 31 to 1
planet officially under international interim standard goes into the
New Year.


The big Ben bell tower in London, part of the architectural complex
of Westminster Palace. The official name of big Ben “Clock tower of
Westminster Palace”, also referred to as the “Tower of St. Stephen”


The clock tower rises 98 metres above the river Thames. Mounted
on a tower clock mechanism, characterized by high accuracy. We can
say that this is the “main clock” of the state. Huge, specially cast for
the bell tower “big Ben”, weighing 13,5 tons, strikes the hours. Fight
the Big Ben British continuously transmit radio. During the
parliamentary session, after dark, the tower turns a spotlight.


In big Ben tourists are not
allowed. To get to the top of
96 meter tower can only by a
narrow spiral staircase. 334
steps lead to small open area
in the center of which is the
legendary bell which gave the
name to the Clock tower. His
height of over 2 meters and a
diameter of nearly 3 meters.


Big Ben and its surrounding other small bells ringing knock out the following words:
“Through this hour the Lord keeps me, and his strength will not allow anyone to stumble”.
When the chimes strike the first blow of the hammer on big Ben exactly coincides with the
first seconds of the hour. Every 2 days the mechanism undergoes thorough inspection and
lubrication, counted daily temperature and pressure. But, as any clock mechanism, the clock
tower of the British Parliament sometimes late or in a hurry. I must say that the error is not
large, just 1.5 — 2 seconds. To remedy the situation all you need is a coin, old English
penny. No one really knows who first came up with the idea to use coins, but the idea
worked. Old English penny placed on the pendulum 4 meters long accelerates its motion for
2.5 seconds per day. Adding or removing a penny Keeper thus achieves accuracy. The
mechanism, despite its almost 1.5 century history and weight 5 tons, works perfectly.


The dials of big Ben look at
all 4 sides of the world. They
are made from opal
Birmingham, the hands of the
clock made of cast iron, and
minute made of copper sheet. It
is estimated that the minute
hands are for the year the total
distance of 190 km.


Big Ben is a symbol of its time, the period of greatest dawn of the country. And
the inscription in Latin at the base of each of the four dials: “Domine Salvam fac
Reginam nostram Victoriam primam” (“God save Queen Victoria!”) — a tribute of
personal respect for the monarch, and in which there was such a thing as the British
Empire. Around the perimeter of the tower on the right and left of the clock is
inscribed with one phrase in Latin: “Laus Deo” (“praise the Lord” or “Thank God”)


Charles Berry, the architect who
built the Palace of Westminster, in
1844, requested the Parliament to
grant the construction hours on the
tower of St. Stephen. To build a
watch mechanic took Benjamin by
Valami. It was agreed that a new
clock will be the largest and finest
in the world, and their bell — the
most difficult one to call him was
heard if not the entire Empire, then,
at least, throughout its capital.


When the project was completed hours, between its author and the authorities
began arguing about the accuracy of the hours. The astronomer Royal, Professor
George airy insisted that the first stroke of the bell every hour was performed with
an accuracy of one second. The accuracy was checked every hour by Telegraph,
connecting big Ben to Greenwich mean Observatory.


Valami told that for hours, open
to the winds and weather, such
precision, and that generally it is
useless. Five years of this dispute,
and eiri won. The project Valami
was rejected. Clock with the
required accuracy have been made
a certain dent. They weighed five


Then began the considerable efforts on the casting of the bell and the
debate in Parliament on this issue. It was at this time and include the version
of the origin of the name big Ben. The official version: bell is named in
honor of the chief of construction works sir Benjamin Hall. For its impressive
size foreman gave the nickname Big Ben. According to another, unofficial
version, the bell was named after the famous strongman and boxer since
the times of Queen Victoria Benjamin count.


When the clock and bell have already
been brought up and mounted, it became
clear that iron arrows are too heavy and
filling of a light alloy. The clock tower were
set in motion may 21, 1859. Until 1912 the
clock was lit by gas jets, which were later
replaced with electric lamps. And on the
radio for the first time the chimes sounded
on 31 December 1923.


After big Ben during the second world war a bomb fell, the clock started to
go not so sure.


These watches has received huge
popularity both in England and abroad.
In London there was a lot of “Little
Bens”, reduced copies of the tower of
St. Stephen's Cathedral with a clock on
top. Such towers — something between
an architectural structure and outdoor
living rooms for hours — began to build
almost all intersections. The most famous
“Little Ben” is near the railway station
Victoria, but in fact in almost every
area of London you can find little Ben)

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