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Applying for an Australian student visa - commencing students
Find courses by name, interest or career
UTS Housing Service
Students have part-time jobs
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Prizes and awards at UTS
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University of Technology, Sydney - UTS. Applying for an Australian student visa - commencing students

1. University of Technology, Sydney - UTS

Australia‘s #1 young uni

2. Applying for an Australian student visa - commencing students

Applying for an Australian student visa commencing students
If you are applying to UTS through a UTS
representative, they will help you prepare your
student visa application. If you are applying directly to
UTS, contact your nearest Australian immigration
office (opens an external site) to find out where and
how to submit your student visa application.

3. Find courses by name, interest or career

Analytics and Data Science
Creative Intelligence and Innovation
Design, Architecture and Building
Health (GEM)
Information Technology
International Studies

4. UTS Housing Service

UTS Housing offers comfortable, affordable and
convenient living options on and around the UTS City
You’ll find common areas and study labs; games rooms
and weekly events- everything you need to play, study and
learn in comfort.
You’ll also find a diverse and vibrant local community,
one that can support and motivate you in your academic,
social and personal growth. You can choose from a range
of fully-furnished and self-catered accommodation styles
to suit your requirements.

5. Students have part-time jobs

They can work in cafes, bars, shops,sport clubs

6. Exam time

Spring End Of Session 2015 examinations is Friday,
23 October 2015.
It is your responsibility to be familiar with the time and
the location/venue of your exam. Some subjects hold
exams over more than one venue.You must attend the
correct exam venue that has been allocated to you.
End of session exams periods have 3 exam sessions each
day: 9.30am, 2.00pm and 6.00pm.
For a number of Kuring-gai subjects, end of session
centrally-conducted exams will be held at City Campus.

7. Prizes and awards at UTS

Each faculty at UTS offers prizes to recognise the
accomplishments of high performing students. These
prizes are made available through the generosity of
private individuals and public organisations.
Prizes may be offered each semester, annually or
biennially and may take the form of cash payments,
medals, books, vouchers or other items.
Most prizes will be awarded only when a student has
attained a mark or level of achievement which is
considered to be sufficiently high by the relevant faculty

8. Entry requirements

Note: in addition to these academic requirements, some courses may have
specific admission requirements. Check the admission requirements
information on the course details page of your chosen course/s.
For entry into undergraduate coursework at UTS you require a
competitive pass in a recognised matriculation examination, equivalent to
an Australian Year 12 qualification. As a general guide, competitive results
for international examinations that are accepted for entry can be viewed at
the International entry scores section.
Applications for some courses also require submission of a portfolio or a
personal statement.
Those who successfully complete a recognised pathway program are also
eligible to apply. If you do not meet entry requirements, you may wish to
consider studying a UTS pathway course through UTS: INSEARCH(opens
an external site).

9. Activities and events

The Residential Life program provides students with daily
activities ranging from social/lifestyle activities to academic
groups and sporting activities. Activities are initiated by the
students, for the students and aim to promote a great
community atmosphere. Almost every activity run by the team
is free of charge and students are encouraged to participate in
as many activities as they want.
The program also offers a fantastic in-house academic support
network, which can include study groups and mentors, faculty
events, English conversation classes and workshops. UTS
Housing usually has two calendars: one for social activities and
the other for learning and academic activities.
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