Modern music
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Music in our life


English presentation
Music in our life
Kolisnyk Maksym
form 8-A
Dolynska gymnasium №3
teatcher: Sheremet Tatiana

2. Vocabulary

Modern music

3. Dull

4. record

5. achievement

6. clip



8. Group

9. Modern music

10. Text

People cannot live without music. They can listen to music everywhere even in
the forest, when they walk and hear birds singing. Music can be classical and
modern. Classical music is performed by symphonic orchestras in the great halls.
There are a lot of famous composers whose music is played nowadays. Classical
music is serious and requires good understanding or it may seem to be boring
and dull. Most people prefer modern music. Modern music is performed by TV
and radio.

11. Text

Modern music has different kinds: pop, rock, disco, rap, techno and others. Young
people like techno and disco. Older people are fond of jazz, rock and pop. There are
a lot of singers or music bands who perform this or that kind of music. Everybody
knows the founders of rock music. They are the “Beatles” and Elvis Presley. Now
there are a lot of discs and records of different performers. The last achievement in
music production is a clip. Musical clips are short films accompanied by the melody.

12. Text

I like different kinds of music, but I can say that my favourite singer is Oleg
Skrypka from the group "VV". consider him to be a decent representative of
modern Ukrainian culture. I enjoy the highly energetic music of "VV", and
especially I like performances of Oleg Skrypka. He is an outstanding performer.
At the beginning of their creative development the group worked in France.

13. Text

They have got a lot of songs in French. More than that, they have some songs in
English. One of them is "The Pack of Cigarettes" from their new album "Fayno".
They have a lot of fans abroad, as well as in Ukraine. Usually their performances
in clubs are attended by 10-20 % of foreign people.

14. Text

Oleg Skrypka confessed that he thinks that many songs sound better in
Ukrainian and only a few of them sound good in Russian. Also he said that
the English language is closely connected with music. So, people interested
in music are also interested in the English language, because it is very useful
to know what the song is about. His attitude to the results of his work and
the work of other people is very critical. That's why the group works on each
album and clip for a very long time.
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