Who is this?

Avicii - real name Tim Bergling


Presentation of AVICII

2. Who is this?

• Swedish DJ, singer and Who
best known by his
stage name Аvicii
• Avicii - real name Tim Bergling (Tim Berling), was born on
September 8, 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden. Once, when there
was a need for Tim to register the page in the social network
Myspace, one of his friends shared an interesting story about
Buddhism, in which the word sounded Avicii. Since many of
the names were already occupied, the Swede simply chose


Childhood in the world
of music
Avicii was the youngest child in
the family. According to his own
statement, he was always
surrounded by different tunes brothers and sisters loved rock
music (hard, glam and other
areas). Father listened to R & B
and Ray Charles. And the boy is
absorbed in himself and raised
his musical taste.

4. Popularity

• Avicii really blew the dancefloors in 2010, when burst onto the stage like a
musical tornado. His singles “ Seek
for You “ and “ Levels
Bromance ", “ My Feelings
" suddenly made popular musician and ...
immediately paid. At the end of 2013 Avicii was already in the top ten list
of the most expensive DJs of the world, who published the magazine
Forbes. The annual income of the talented DJ has been calculated by
millions of dollars.
• With Avicii, preferring soft-rock motifs, gladly cooperate, many
international stars, including Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Tiesto. His music is
played on the radio, its tons of Internet users download as charismatic
Avicii original and no one else like. But it aspire to be like very many. His
music of love, live with her, and from her enjoy.


03_avicii_levels_myzuka.org (mp3cut.ru).mp3


Epic hit called "I Could Be The One", written together with Avicii
Nicky Romero, and was released on the prestigious English label
Positiva, immediately came to the liking you like this to the public
in different countries. In England, he won first place in the list of
the official dance charts. "I Could Be The One" was the best
selling single of 2013, as well as country-style track "Wake Me
Up". And an absolute super hit - 2014 was recognized as "Hey


Hit "Wake Me Up" is recognized as the service Shazam the most popular track
in the history of this mobile application, combined with the search engine.
Features easily recognize unknown composition, even in small fragments.
Over the year and a half "Wake Me Up" was requested by users of the system
of more than 19 million.


He's the most brilliant concerts. He writes music
in the style of EDM(Electronic Dance Music) Tim
goes on tour all over the world and everywhere
he was greeted very well, because it AVICII


It’s all!
dance to avicii
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